March 2024 briefing book

March 2024 Council Meeting

A. Call to Order

B. Open Comment Period

C. Salmon Management

  • C.4 Situation Summary: Klamath River Fall Chinook Workgroup Report and 2024 Management Options – Final Guidance
    • C4 Attachment 1: Klamath River Fall Chinook Ad Hoc Workgroup Draft Terms of Reference and General Timeline (June 14, 2023)
    • C.4.a KRWG Report 1: Klamath River Fall Chinook Ad-Hoc Workgroup – Progress Report on 2024 Management Options
    • C.4.c Public Comment(If received, Electronic Only)
  • C.5 Situation Summary: Identify Management Objectives and Preliminary Definition of 2024 Management Alternatives
    • C.5 Attachment 1: Guidance for Alternative Development and Assessment
    • C.5 Attachment 2: Emergency Changes to the Salmon Fishery Management Plan (FMP) (Excerpt from Council Operating Procedure 10) Criteria for Requesting Emergency Changes to Salmon FMP
    • C.5 Attachment 3: Federal Register Notice
    • C.5.f Public Comment(If received, Electronic Only)

D. Habitat Issues

E. Cross Fishery Management Plan

  • E.2 Situation Summary: Office of National Marine Sanctuaries: Coral Restoration and Research Plan – Range of Alternatives and Preliminary Preferred Alternative
    • E.2 Attachment 1: Initial Review Draft Regulatory Impact Review/Regulatory Flexibility Analysis/MSA Analysis for Proposed Amendment to the Groundfish FMP for Deep Sea Coral Research and Restoration
    • E.2 Attachment 2: Proposed Fishery Management Plan Amendment Language to the Groundfish Fishery Management Plan
    • E.2.a NMFS Report 1: Deep Sea Coral Restoration and research
    • E.2.b Public Comment(If received, Electronic Only)

F. Groundfish Management

  • F.2 Situation Summary: Consideration of Additional California Quillback Rockfish Analyses and Adopt Rebuilding Analysis
    • F.2 Attachment 1: DRAFT 2023 Rebuilding Analysis for Quillback Rockfish in U.S. Waters off the Coast of California Based on the 2021 Stock Assessment
    • F.2 Attachment 2: Letter to the Council on Quillback Overfished Status
    • F.2.b Public Comment(If received, Electronic Only)
  • F.3 Situation Summary: Initial Stock Assessment Plan and Terms of Reference
    • F.3 Attachment 1: Groundfish Assessment Prioritization to Inform the Selection of Species for Assessment in 2025 and Additional Considerations
    • F.3 Attachment 2: Groundfish Assessment Prioritization Methodology to Inform the Selection of Species for Future Assessments
    • F.3 Attachment 3: California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program Data Availability for Stock Assessments
    • F.3 Supplemental Attachment 4: Summary of Available Data to Support U.S. West Coast Groundfish Stock Assessments (Electronic Only)
    • F.3.b Public Comment(If received, Electronic Only)
  • F.7 Situation Summary: 2025-26 Fisheries Analysis Update and Adopt California Quillback Rockfish Harvest Specifications and Rebuilding Parameter
    • F.7 Attachment 1: Clarification Regarding the 2025-2026 Canary Rockfish Alternative Harvest Control Rule (HCR) and the California Stock of Copper Rockfish Annual Catch Target (ACT)
    • F.7 Attachment 2: Correction to the Pacific Sand Lance Scientific Name and the Common Name for Pacific Spiny Dogfish in Federal Regulation
    • F.7 Attachment 3: Technical Corrections to Lingcod South of 40* 10′ N. Latitude and Petrale Sole 2025-2026 Harvest Specifications
    • F.7.b Public Comment(If received, Electronic Only)

G. Pacific Halibut Management

H. Ecosystem Management

I. Highly Migratory Species Management

J. Administrative Matters

Advisory body and committee agendas

Advisory body and committee memos

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