Habitat Committee

The Council’s Habitat Committee provides advice to the Council on a wide variety of habitat-related issues. The committee works with other advisory bodies on habitat issues, helps develop ways to resolve habitat problems and avoid future habitat conflicts, and makes recommendations for actions that will help achieve the Council’s habitat objectives. Meetings are open to the public.

Lance Hebdon is the Chair and Dr. Correigh Greene is the Vice-Chair of the Habitat Committee (HC).  The staff officer for the HC is Jennifer Gilden.

A man in a meeting looks at a computer.
The Habitat Committee at work

Habitat Committee discussion topics

The list below includes major topics discussed by the Habitat Committee since 2015. For more information, see the briefing book archives.

General topicDetailsRelevant agencies or organizationsDate last discussed in Habitat Committee
Essential fish habitat for highly migratory speciesFive year reviewNMFS2020 (March)
Ecosystem-based fishery managementAnnual Integrated Ecosystem Assessment reportNMFSAnnually
SalmonSalmon rebuildingNMFS, Council2020 (March)
Groundfish essential fish habitat (EFH)Groundfish EFH (Amendment 28)Council, NMFS2019 (September)
Fishery Ecosystem PlanFive-year reviewCouncil2020 (March)
Fishery Ecosystem PlanClimate and communities initiativeCouncil2019 (March)
DamsKlamath dam removal2019 (November)
CoralsDeep sea coralsNOAA2019 (March)
Columbia RiverDissolved gas levels at damsStates of Washington, Oregon2019 (March)
AquacultureHumboldt Bay aquacultureHumboldt Bay Harbor District, Nordic Aquafarms2019 (March)
Sacramento waterCentral Valley Operations BiopBureau of Reclamation, NMFS2019 (November)
Sediment managementWashington and California coastal sediment management activitiesWDFW, California Natural Resources Agency2019 (June)
Research and dataCalCOFI ( California Cooperative Oceanic
Fisheries Investigations) update
NMFS2019 (June)
Offshore energyBureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) California task force activities; offshore windBOEM2019 (June)
Liquified natural gas (LNG)Jordan Cove LNG project and pipelineFERC2019 (November)
KlamathNew Biological OpinionBureau of Reclamation2019 (June)
KlamathFlushing flowsBureau of Reclamation, NMFS2019 (June)
SanctuariesSanctuariesNational Marine Sanctuary Program2020 (March)
Sacramento DeltaStudy of Juvenile Salmon Use of the Sacramento DeltaNMFS2019 (April)
PrioritiesShared Council/NMFS habitat prioritiesCouncil, NMFS2019 (November)
PollutantsNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit for offshore Seafood ProcessorsEnvironmental Protection Agency2019 (April)
DroughtWashington drought declarationWashington state2019 (April)
Coastal zone managementProposed Rule Changes to Coastal Zone Management Act Federal Consistency ProcessNMFS2019 (April)
BeaversOregon Dept of Transportation (ODOT) beaver removal policiesODOT2019 (April)
AquacultureNOAA aquaculture rules/planNational Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)2019 (April)
Research and dataResearch and data needsCouncil2018 (September)
Killer whales (southern resident)Expansion of critical habitatNOAA2019 (November)
Ecosystem-based fishery managementWest Coast Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management Roadmap ImplementationNMFS2018 (September)
Columbia RiverTreaty negotiationsDept. of State2018 (September)
Climate changeReport to legislature on ocean acidificationOregon Coordination Council on Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia2018 (September)
Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management ActReauthorizationCouncil2018 (November)
DamsRaising of Shasta damBureau of Reclamation2018 (November)
DamsSan Clemente dam removal2018 (November)
Columbia RiverEssential fish habitat in the Columbia RiverEPA2018 (November)
AquaculturePacific Ocean Aquafarms (proposed offshore yellowtail tuna facility)Hubbs Sea World Research Institute2018 (November)
EstuariesGeneralPMEP, others2019 (September)
Columbia RiverFlows2018 (June)
Offshore energyTrident/Morro Bay offshore wind projectTrident Wind2018 (April)
Columbia RiverSpill (through dams)Federal Columbia River Power System2018 (April)
SalmonEscape of Atlantic salmon from aquaculture facility2017 (September)
Fishery Ecosystem PlanClimate vulnerability assesssment reportCouncil/NMFS2017 (September)
DamsOroville DamUS Army Corps of Engineers, others2017 (September)
California Current Integrated Ecosystem AssessmentAssessment indicatorsNMFS2017 (September)
AquacultureRose Canyon Aquaculture project (offshore project for seabass, yellowtail, etc)Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute2017 (September)
Ecosystem-based fishery managementSablefish ecosystem indicatorsCouncil, NMFS2017 (November)
SalmonCoastal Coho Restoration PlanNMFS2017 (March)
Fishery Ecosystem PlanGeneral initiativesCouncil2017 (March)
Research and dataHabitat Use DatabaseNMFS2017 (June)
Research and dataBOEM data portal for offshore renewable energyBOEM2017 (June)
Marine planningMarine planning2017 (June)
Law enforcmentNMFS Office of Law Enforcement Strategic Plan reviewNMFS2017 (June)
Climate changePacific Coast Collaborative and Ocean Acidification AlliancePacific Coast Collaborative (states of WA, OR, CA)2017 (June)
AquacultureCoast Seafoods aquaculture projectCoast Seafoods/Humboldt Bay2017 (April)
GeneralFisheries-specific habitat objectivesPacific States Marine Fisheries Commission2016 (November)
DamsHells Canyon Section 401 CertificationFederal Energy Regulatory Commission2016 (November)
Columbia RiverColumbia River operations, generalNMFS, BOR, EPA, USFWS2020 (March)
Sacramento waterSacramento winter-run chinook outlook and planningNMFS2016 (March)
Nuclear powerDiablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant closure/fish entrainmentPacific Gas & Electric2016 (June)
Climate changeWestern Regional (Climate Change) Action PlanNMFS2016 (June)
Ecosystem-based fishery managementEcosystem indicatorsNMFS2016 (April)
Climate changeThermal Refugia in the Columbia River System/Norwest Stream Temperature ModelNMFS2016 (April)
Climate changeOcean Acidification policy recommendationsNMFS2016 (April)
Riparian buffersOregon Forest Practices Act buffer requirements inadequateOregon Board of Forestry2015 (November)
GeneralIntergovernmental Policy Council habitat framework2015 (November)
DroughtFederal legislation - drought issues2015 (November)
Columbia RiverHigh temperatures and fish killsNMFS/WDFW/ODFW2015 (November)
Forage fishUnmanaged forage fish protectionCouncil2015 (March)
Climate changeNMFS Climate Science Strategy UpdateNMFS2015 (March)
Offshore energyOregon State University (OSU) wave energy test siteOSU2015 (June)
DesalinationProposed desalination projects in CaliforniaDeepWater Desal, California American Water, People's Moss Landing Water Desal Project2015 (June)
AquacultureCatalina Sea Ranch/KZO Sea Farms proposed projectCatalina Sea Ranch/KZO Sea Farms proposed project2015 (June)
FloodingChehalis River flood damage reduction projectWashington Dept of Ecology, USACE2019 (September)
AquacultureVentura Shellfish Project2019 (September)
SanctuariesChannel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan ReviewOffice of National Marine Sanctuaries2019 (November)
EelgrassReview of California eelgrass mitigation policyNOAA2019 (November)
SalmonSalmon reintroduction upstream of Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee damsConfederated Tribes of the Colville/UCUT2019 (November)
Offshore energyResponsible Offshore Energy Development Alliance (RODA)RODA2019 (November)
Humpback whalesExpansion of critical habitatNOAA2019 (November)

Habitat correspondence and resolutions

AddresseeDateTopic and link
National Marine Fisheries Service/Bureau of Reclamation2019/12/20Central Valley Project and State Water Project
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management2019/12/13Jordan Cove Project
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)2019/07/01Jordan Cove Liquified Natural Gas project
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management2019/01/28Call for nominations
Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Kelly Hammerle, BOEM2018/03/09
Offshore oil and gas leasing
California Dept. of Water Resources2017/10/12
Oroville Dam relicensing and Feather River salmon
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission2017/10/12Oroville Dam relicensing and Feather River salmon
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission2017/06/01Transfer of ownership of the four lower Klamath River dams
Army Corps of Engineers2017/04/18Coast Seafoods Project
Army Corps of Engineers/Bonneville Power Administration2016/12/13Columbia River power operations biological opinion
Humboldt Bay Harbor District2016/08/22Coast Seafoods aquaculture expansion
California State Water Resources Control Board and Bureau of Reclamation2016/04/22Upper Sacramento River flows and measures to protect winter-run Chinook
Hon. Jared Huffman and Hon. Mike Thompson2015/12/04/California Drought Legislation
Humboldt Bay Harbor District2015/12/03Coast Seafoods Expansion Project
Oregon Board of Forestry2015/09/23Riparian buffer rules
Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District2015/07/14Humboldt Bay Harbor District Mariculture Pre-Permitting Project and the Coast Seafoods Expansion Project
California State Water Resources Control Board and Bureau of Reclamation2015/05/29Upper Sacramento River flows and measures to protect winter-run Chinook
Department of the Interior2015/05/12Klamath water flows
National Marine Fisheries Service2015/03/24NMFS Climate Science Strategy
National Marine Fisheries Service2014/07/29Sacramento water (with attachment)
Northwest Power and Conservation Council2014/07/25Fish and Wildlife Program
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management2014/07/16Principle Power floating wind turbine project
Department of Interior2014/07/10Water for Klamath salmon during the drought of 2014
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission2014/07/8Habitat impacts of the Pacific Marine Energy Center South Energy Test Site (PMEC-SETS)
Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary2014/06/30Cordell Bank and Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary boundary expansion proposal
NOAA Fisheries2014/05/06In support of establishing a pilot project with fisheries-specific habitat conservation objectives for Council-managed species
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management2014/04/23Pacific Marine Energy Center South Energy Test Site
California Coastal Commission2014/03/20Potential aquaculture/mariculture projects (KZO Sea Farms)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service2014/03/20Coleman National Fish Hatchery release plans
Department of Energy2013/10/10Environmental effects of offshore wind power
Northwest Power and Conservation Council2013/08/07Fish and Wildlife Program
Department of the Interior2013/04/24Preventing a Klamath River fish kill
Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar2012/05/15Preventing a Klamath River fish kill
Army Corps of Engineers2012/04/16Levee vegetation removal policies
Bureau of Reclamation2011/12/13Klamath Dam removal
Army Corps of Engineers2011/06/29Levee vegetation removal policies
Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary2011/03/25OCNMS management plan review
Bureau of Reclamation2010/12/01Sacramento River Chinook
NMFS to Bureau of Reclamation2010/07/28NMFS letter to BOR on Central Valley EFH
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission2010/06/19Reedsport OPT Wave Park project
Bureau of Reclamation2010/05/19Clarify whether Reclamation is meeting the intent of Congress re b(2) water allocation
Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke2010/03/16Columbia Basin salmon issues
Dept. of Interior (reply)2010/07/02Bay-Delta conditions
Bureau of Reclamation2009/12/02Encouraging the BOR to respond to NMFS recommendations regarding Central Valley Project
Minerals Management Service2008/06/17Ocean energy projects
Devine Tarbell & Associates (Ocean Power Technologies)2007/11/21Reedsport OPT Wave Energy Park
FERC2007/11/1Hydrokinetic Pilot Project Licensing Process
FERC2006/12/08DEIS for Klamath Hydroelectric Project license
FERC2006/04/24Requesting the decommissioning and removal of four dams on the Klamath River
FERC (reply)2006/05/12Response from FERC to 4/24/2006 letter on Klamath dams
US Bureau of Reclamation2005/12/15Management of water flows on the Klamath River
National Marine Fisheries Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, Bonneville Power Administration, and US Bureau of Reclamation2005/05/16Columbia River Basin flows
Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District2005/05/162005 salmon fishing options related to Klamath River Fall Chinook
US Secretary of the Interior2005/04/21Klamath River essential fish habitat for coho and Chinook
US Bureau of Reclamation and California Department of Water Resources2004/11/29Central Valley Project and State Water project operations criteria and plan
National Marine Fisheries Service2004/10/08Biological Opinion on Federal Columbia River Power System operations
National Marine Fisheries Service2004/08/13Oceana petition to protect deep-sea coral and sponges
NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation2004/04/26Proposed essential fish habitat rulemaking (unavailable)
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission2004/04/23License application for Klamath River hydroelectric project
US Bureau of Reclamation2003/07/07Draft environmental impact statement for Klamath River Project
FERC2003/07/07Priest Rapids Hydroelectric Project License Application
US Secretary of the Interior2003/04/23Klamath Project operations proposed by the Bureau of Reclamation
FERC2003/04/22FERC relicensing rules
FERC2003/04/15New hydropower relicensing process (unavailable)
NMFS Northwest Region2003/03/23Columbia River summer spills (unavailable)
From Klamath Fishery Management Council to Department of Interior2003/03/12Klamath River flows
Dept. of Interior on Klamath flows (reply to 12/4/2002 letter)2003/03/11Klamath River flows
Dept. of Commerce on Klamath flows (reply to 12/4/2002 letter)2003/01/08Klamath River flows
FERC2002/12/10FERC licensing process
Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Commerce2002/12/04Klamath River Flows
US Army Corps of Engineers2002/09/20Proposed Columbia River channel improvements
FERC2002/05/13On essential fish habitat responsibilities
National Marine Fisheries Service2000/11/27National Artificial Reef Plan
National Undersea Research Program, West Coast and Polar Regions Undersea Research Center2000/09/25Support for Heceta Bank research
U.S. Forest Service2000/07/07Federal roadless area policy
Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project2000/07/07Interior Columbia Basin Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Dept. of Interior2000/09/01Klamath flows
US Secretary of the Interior2000/06/01Klamath flows
Federal Aviation Administration/Western Pacific Regional Airports Division2000/05/01Essential fish habitat responsibilities
National Marine Fisheries Service2000/03/03NMFS 4(d) rules for salmon protection
FERC2000/02/04Potter Valley Project draft environmental impact statement (unavailable)
US Secretary of the Interior2000/01/11Trinity River flows
California Bay/Delta Program1999/09/23Draft environmental impact statement
Secretary of Commerce1999/07/28Snake River dam letter with July 1999 resolution (unavailable)
Internal HC document1999/07/15Snake River dam resolution
Department of the Interior1999/04/27Wreck of the New Carissa
US Bureau of Reclamation1999/04/22Klamath Project environmental impact statement
Dept. of Interior (reply on Klamath Project)1999/02/08Announcing process of developing an EIS for an interim plan for long-term operations of the Klamath project
Army Corps of Engineers1999/02/04Columbia and Lower Willamette channel improvements
Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber1998/04/08Endorsement of NMFS recommendations on Oregon Forest Practices Act
Hon. Patty Murray1997/11/30SB 200 (Wild and Scenic Rivers) (unavailable)
Oregon Department of Forestry1997/11/14Proposed rule for management of Oregon state forest land
Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Team1997/10/20Upper Columbia River Basin DEIS
Washington Senator Patty Murray1997/09/30Resolution in support of designating the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River as a Wild and Scenic River
Dept. of Interior (reply)1997/05/12Central Valley Water Project Improvement Act
Dept. of the Interior1997/04/22Central Valley Water Project Improvement Act
Resolution1997/04/22Recovery of California Coho
California Resources Agency, CDFG, NMFS Southwest Region1997/04/10Coho salmon recovery in California (California Resources Agency responded April 30, 1997) (unavailable)
EPA Region 101997/03/11Columbia River dredging spoil site expansion
NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation1996/12/11EFH definitions and descriptions
Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber1996/10/30Oregon Coastal Salmon Restoration Initiative, with reply from Governor December 20, 1996
FERC1996/10/23Cushman Dam
Don Hansen, Groundfish Advisory Subpanel1996/10/15Fishing gear impacts
Don Hansen, Groundfish Advisory Subpanel1996/08/14Requesting assistance with fishing gear impacts
National Park Service1996/06/21Elwha Dam removal
US Bureau of Reclamation1996/05/07Sacramento River Winter Run chinook and Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta flow
Dept. of Interior1996/04/22Elwha River Dam and Chinook salmon resolutions
Resolution1996/04/01Sacramento River Winter Run chinook and Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta flow (unavailable)
House Committee on Natural Resources1995/09/13Central Valley Project Improvement Act
Dept. of Interior1995/08/25Council's support of the fishery goals, objectives, and provisions of the CVPIA
Resolution1995/08/01Water diversion screening criteria (letter unavailable) with reply from Columbia Basin Fish & Wildlife Authority
Dept. of Interior1995/06/01Water spreading policy, with reply March 6 1996 from US DOI (unavailable)
Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality1995/06/01Herbicides and salmon
Resolution1995/03/01Central Valley Project Improvement Act (financial assistance for water screening) (unavailable)
National Park Service1994/12/01Elwha River (Washington) restoration and dam removal, with reply May 24, 1996 from US DOI
FERC1994/11/01Letter on White Salmon River (Condit Dam) salmon passage and restoration
Resolution & letter1994/10/25In support of providing adequate flow releases at Iron Gate Dam to ensure protection of Klamath River anadromous fisheries (resolution
Resolution1994/10/01White Salmon River (Condit Dam) salmon passage and restoration (unavailable)
Resolution1994/10/01Salmon habitat classroom education (unavailable)
FERC1994/06/01North Fork Skokomish (Washington) Cushman Dam Project (6/94 and 8/96)
NOAA1994/04/15Columbia River salmon
Resolution (no addressee)1994/04/01Watershed assessment and planning resolution (unavailable)
Dept. of Interior (response)1994/04/01Response letter on Klamath flows
Dept. of Interior1993/12/08The need to restore the natural production of Klamath River fall Chinook
Department of Commerce1993/12/08The need for assuring that water management actions within the BOR purview are used to help restore the natural production of Kla
No recipient noted1991/12/01Wetland Delineation Manual, wetland protection concerns (Dec 91 and April 92) (unavailable)
No recipient noted1991/04/01Oil and gas exploration and leasing (unavailable)
No recipient noted1990/01/01Willamette River dioxin (unavailable)
No recipient noted1989/07/01San Francisco Bay dredge spoil disposal (7/89 and 1/93) (unavailable)
No recipient noted1988/03/01Oil and gas exploration and leasing (unavailable)