Council staff

Meet the staff

Council staff support the Council by providing information for management decisions, informing the public about Council activities, helping the public participate in the process, coordinating the process and meetings, creating fishery management documents, and assisting advisory groups.

Executive staff

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Chuck Tracy

Chuck Tracy is the Executive Director and is responsible for overseeing all operations of the Council, including managing the Council staff and implementing actions and policies of the Council. Chuck has a degree in Biological Oceanography from Humboldt State University with additional graduate level work in estuarine ecology. He has been with the Council since 2001, following several years of service with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife focusing on inter jurisdictional fisheries issues, including Columbia River sturgeon research and salmon management. Before becoming Executive Director in 2016, Chuck was the Deputy Director for four years, and responsible for Council salmon fishery management matters before that.
Little-known fact: Chuck was once a deckhand and cook on the Bering Sea crabber Polar Star.

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Mike Burner

Mike Burner is the Deputy Director and has served as a staff officer for groundfish, coastal pelagic species, ecosystem-based management, and salmon.  Mike started with the Council in 2002 after working nearly ten years on salmon management issues for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Mike has a degree in biology from Lawrence University and completed the Boston University Marine Program.
Little known fact: Mike and his wife Lisa enjoy great wine and have their own label producing three varietals in Dundee, Oregon.

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Patricia Crouse

Patricia is the Administrative Officer for the council staff. She performs a variety of accounting duties and a range of budget preparation and analysis in support of the Council’s fiscal responsibilities. She has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Eastern Oregon University. Her background includes accounting for non-profits in Maine, Oregon and California.
Little known fact: Patricia was a lifeguard in high school.

Staff officers

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Christopher “Kit” Dahl

Kit is the staff officer in charge of the National Environmental Policy Act process and highly migratory species. Kit also works on other staff officer assignments and projects. Kit has an extensive background in fisheries management, including work with the Western Pacific Council in Hawaii.
Little known fact: Kit once dined on yak stomach while trekking in Nepal.

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John DeVore

John is the staff officer responsible for staffing the Scientific and Statistical Committee and groundfish management issues, which includes staffing the Groundfish Management Team and the Groundfish Advisory Subpanel, and providing analytical documents for Council consideration. John grew up in a fishing community on the East Coast and graduated from Cornell University. Before working with the Council, John worked with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. There, he focused on Columbia River sturgeon and predator/prey issues, studied channel deepening, and was involved in salmon and smelt research and management.
Little known fact: John has served as a crew member on an East Coast bottom trawler, a Pacific halibut longliner, and a salmon troller.

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Robin Ehlke

Robin is the staff officer responsible for salmon fishery management and handling Pacific halibut issues.  Robin staffs the Salmon Technical Team, the Salmon Advisory Subpanel, the Model Evaluation workgroup.  She is a Washington State native; born and raised in Vancouver, Washington. Robin attended Clark Community College and Portland State University to earn her Bachelors degree.  Prior to joining the Council, she worked at Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for 16 years. While there most of her work focused on Columbia River salmon fisheries, but also included sturgeon, smelt and Chum salmon research, stream surveys, commercial sampling and creel checks.  
Little known fact:  Robin is a big fan of American classic cars.

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Jennifer Gilden

Jennifer is the staff officer responsible for legislative matters, outreach and information, and the Habitat Committee. She works on the Marine Resources Education Program (a training program for people who want to understand fisheries management), develops outreach materials, tracks legislation, translates scientific information for general readership, produces the newsletter, contributes to social impact analyses and other social science efforts, and works on enhancing the Council’s communication with constituents. Jennifer graduated from Vassar and has a MA in environmental anthropology from Oregon State University.
Little known fact: Jennifer just got her diving certification!

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Kerry Griffin

Kerry staffs the Coastal Pelagic Species (CPS) Management Team and CPS Advisory Subpanel, and works on a variety of habitat-related issues included Essential Fish Habitat periodic reviews.  He earned his Bachelors degree and a Masters in Marine Resource Management from Oregon State University, where he studied marine fisheries management and aquaculture. Prior to coming to the Council, he worked nine years with NMFS on a variety of habitat issues such hydropower, fish passage, gravel extraction, essential fish habitat, and habitat restoration.
Little known fact: In the late 1800s, Kerry’s great-grandfather started a sail-making business in Portland, and it’s still in business today.

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Todd Phillips

Todd is the staff officer responsible for staffing groundfish management issues. Todd has degrees in marine biology and zoology, along with graduate work in population genetics of lingcod, from Humboldt State University. He started with the Council in 2018 following a diverse career in fisheries; ranging from being a long-time domestic fishery observer in Alaska, the West Coast, and Hawaii  to leading a stakeholder driven charter for-hire fishery electronic reporting program in the Gulf of Mexico.

Little known fact: Todd grew up working in a bakery and remains very enthusiastic about bread and all things related to fermentation.

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Jim Seger

Jim is the staff officer for economics and handles various specialized fishery management issues such as access limitation.  He staffs the Council’s Enforcement Consultants as well as groups dealing with the Council’s trawl catch share program and fixed gear sablefish permit stacking program. He has degrees in zoology, marine policyand psychology with additional graduate level work in economics.
Little known fact: Jim’s great grandparents were Swedish fishers from Kumlinga, Åland, a disputed territory controlled by Finland, which was part of the Russian empire at the time of their emigration.

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Brett Wiedoff

Brett oversees the development of the West Coast electronic monitoring regulatory program and handles public inquiries for the West Coast Vessel Monitoring System. He also provides staff support for groundfish, essential fish habitat, coastal pelagic species, and highly migratory species fisheries. He is the Council representative for the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission and staffs the Groundfish Advisory Subpanel and the ad-hoc Groundfish Electronic Monitoring Policy Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committee. Brett has a degree in biology and chemistry from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, and has completed graduate level work at Oregon State University. Brett worked for PSMFC as a shoreside whiting fishery data analyst, for ODFW as a stream surveyor, technical assistant and as a Project Leader for nearshore and coastal pelagic commercial fisheries, and was on the Council’s Coastal Pelagics Species Management Team. Brett also worked for 5 years at NMFS Pacific Islands Regional Office as a natural resource specialist for HMS and international fisheries before coming to the Pacific Council in 2013.
Little known fact: Brett can water ski, downhill ski, and surf, but can’t ice skate.

Information Technology

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Sandra Krause

Sandra is the Program Manager for Information Technology for the Council and has been with the Council since February 1993. She is responsible for all aspects of the Council’s computer network infrastructure, network administration and management (including working with agencies and vendors to ensure the Council has the appropriate systems), computer support services, website construction and maintenance, and a variety of other technical support functions.
Little known fact: Sandra is the owner of two food carts serving Indian cuisine located in Gresham, Oregon and Sandy, Oregon.

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Kris Kleinschmidt

Kris serves as IT Specialist for the Council staff. He is responsible for day to day operation logistics, electronic document production and e-distribution functions, as well as other IT and various administrative activities. Kris graduated from the Edward R. Murrow school of Communication, at Washington State University, Pullman. GO COUGS!
Little known fact: During his travels, Kris has snowboarded in the Swiss Alps, rode a Harley Davidson around the Big Island of Hawaii, and visited “The Top of the World” at the Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.

Administrative Staff

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Renee Dorval

Renee is an Administrative Specialist for the Council. She handles hotel and travel arrangements as well as other administrative tasks. She returned to Portland in 1987 after spending 14 years in Haines, Alaska.
Little known fact: while growing up in Haines, Renee used to help her late father, the Harbormaster, patrol harbor and waterfront areas before and after school.

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Kimberly Ambert

Kimberly serves as an Administrative Specialist for the Council staff. She is responsible for document production and distribution functions, as well as other administrative activities. She graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Liberal Studies and an emphasis in pre-Elementary Education.
Little known fact: Kim likes to decorate cakes in her spare time.

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Amy L’Manian

Amy is an Administrative Assistant with the Council. She assists with document production and distribution and other administrative duties. She graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Geography. She enjoys reading crime novels, watching paranormal TV shows, and spending time with her kids and crazy basset hound.  
Little Known Fact: Amy is left-handed but also cross-dominant.