Offshore wind

Offshore wind on the Pacific coast

Planning and development of offshore wind (OSW) energy generation in United States waters has accelerated greatly as a result of Executive Order 14008Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad, issued January 27, 2021, and a related Administration action to deploy 30 Gigawatts of OSW energy by 2030. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is the lead Federal agency responsible for offshore energy exploration and development in the U.S. and has embarked on an ambitious effort to identify areas suitable for OSW development, and to auction off the rights to develop specific areas.  The Council has engaged closely with BOEM to identify and minimize any potential impacts to fishing activities, habitats (including essential fish habitat), and coastal communities.  On the West Coast, BOEM has identified potential OSW areas off California and Oregon. 

Windfloat Atlantic off the coast of Portugal is the first floating wind farm installed in continental Europe. That type of floating technology is driving a push for new offshore wind development off the United States’ Pacific coast. Credit Hugo Amaral / SOPA Images / PEW

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Picture of a wind turbine on the ground in shipping yard.


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