Enforcement Consultants

The Chair of the Enforcement Consultants (EC) is Captain Dan Chadwick (WDFW) and the Co-Vice Chairs are Chris German (USCG, 13th District) and Lelea Lingo (USCG 11th District).
The staff officer for the EC is Jim Seger.

Enforcement Consultants are representatives from state police agencies, state fish and wildlife agencies, NMFS regions, and the Coast Guard. They provide advice to the Council about whether proposed management actions are enforceable and how they affect safety at sea. There are six enforcement consultants who serve indefinite terms.

The EC includes one representative each from the U.S. Coast Guard, 11th District; U.S. Coast Guard, 13th District; National Marine Fisheries Service, West Coast Division, Office of Law enforcement; Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon State Police, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife.