June Council Meeting Schedule Change

Marine Planning Committee

The MPC is Co-Chaired by Ms. Susan Chambers and Mr. Mike Conroy.
The staff officer for the EC is Kerry Griffin

Marine Planning Committee (MPC) is tasked with tracking and advising the Council on marine planning issues and their effects on Council managed fisheries, data collection surveys, habitat, and coastal communities.

The MPC consists of six representatives from current PFMC Advisory Bodies (one each from HMS Advisory Subpanel, CPS Advisory Subpanel, Groundfish Advisory Subpanel, Salmon Advisory Subpanel, Ecosystem Advisory Subpanel, and Habitat Committee); one conservation representative selected from one of the Council’s Advisory Subpanels; three resource managers representing the states of Washington, Oregon, and California; one Tribal representative nominated by the Council’s Tribal representative; and one representative from NMFS.