Advisory body vacancies

The Council is requesting nominations for remaining vacancies for the 2022-2024 Advisory Body term. To ensure consideration, nominations should be received via the Council’s online Advisory Body Nomination Form no later than 5 p.m. Monday, May 16, 2022.

The Council is scheduled to review nominations for the following two positions during the June 2022 Council meeting. Appointments will be effective through December 31, 2024.

  • Groundfish Advisory Subpanel – At-Large Processor – 1 Position
  • Habitat Committee – Northwest or Columbia River Tribal Representative– 1 Position

To submit a nomination and supporting documents, please fill out the Council’s online Advisory Body Nomination Form.

Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by other individuals or organizations. Individuals may apply for more than one advisory body seat, but please use a separate form for each nomination. Nomination materials submitted for previous Council meetings will not be included in future briefing materials. If you wish to be considered for existing vacancies, please complete a new form.

A summary list of nominees will be included in the public briefing materials for the June 2022 Council meeting, but Nomination Forms, Statements of Financial Interest, or other submitted nomination materials will only be distributed to participants of the closed sessions of the SSC and the Council. Letters of support for nominees may be submitted along with the nomination form or may also be submitted via the Council’s Public Comment E-Portal which will open approximately three weeks before an upcoming Council meeting.

The following list of vacancies is not exhaustive but represents positions the Council may open for nominations after its June 2022 meeting.  These vacancies are not currently open for nominations.

  • Coastal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel – 1 Washington Commercial Position.
  • Habitat Committee – 1 Sport Fishery Position.
  • Salmon Advisory Subpanel – 1 Washington Charter Operator Position.
  • Scientific and Statistical Committee – 1 At-Large Position.

Consult the Council Operating Procedures for additional information regarding the objectives and duties, composition, membership, meetings, etc. of Council advisory bodies.

Advisory body members who are not Federal employees are reimbursed for travel, meal, and lodging expenses incurred while attending meetings at the request of the Council. Stipends may also be available to advisory body members who are not employees of a Federal, state, or tribal marine fishery management agency.

The Council is committed to the principle of diversity and is interested in receiving nominations from a broad spectrum of people.  Eligibility or selection for these positions will not be based on race, color, national origin, handicap, age, religion, or sexual orientation. For further information on the advisory bodies or the nomination process, please contact Mike Burner, Deputy Director (503-820-2414 or toll free 866-806-7204).

Council positions

For information on nominations to Council Member seats, please visit the NOAA Fisheries “Council Nominations and Appointments” page.