Council Operations: Briefing Books

Briefing Book Public Comment Deadlines (E-

Public Comment Guidelines “After the Supplemental Deadline”

Written comments after the supplemental comment period will only be accepted at the Council meeting and must be in support of oral testimony.  In order to be available to the Council during an agenda item, written comments must be brought to the Secretariat no later than 5 pm the day before the corresponding agenda item is scheduled on the Council’s agenda.

Comments received by 5 pm will be uploaded by staff to the Council’s E-Portal shortly thereafter.  Any written comments received after that time will be uploaded the following day after 5 pm.

The public should be aware that the Council and it’s advisory bodies may not have time to thoroughly review written comments submitted at the meeting. The Council will not pay for comments transmitted to the meeting hotel. Comments submitted that are not in support of oral testimony will need to be resubmitted during an open comment period for a future Council meeting.

How to Submit PowerPoint Presentations or Videos

If your comments contain a PowerPoint presentation or video, such PowerPoints and videos need to be turned in no later than 5 pm the day before the corresponding agenda item is scheduled on the Council’s agenda. PowerPoints and videos must be sent to: Please see the Protocol Policy on submitting electronic slide presentation materials at the Council meetings for full direction, expectations, and equipment available for use during presentations.


What is a Briefing Book?

The Briefing Book contains brief summaries that provide background for each agenda item, reports and materials for each agenda item, written public comment, and other materials to facilitate Council meetings (varying from hotel floor plans to special informational reports on fishing issues not on the agenda). Council members, Council staff, and chairs of advisory bodies and committees receive a copy of an advance Briefing Book. Because of the size of the Briefing Book and the effort required to create it, Briefing Books are not mailed to the general public. However, Briefing Book materials are available on our “Current Briefing Book webpage”, usually as PDF files, two weeks prior to Council meetings. All materials included in the Briefing Book, including the supplemental material provided to Council members and all reports, handouts, and statements generated at Council meetings, are available at Council meetings, usually on a table located in the hall outside the meeting chamber.

There are two public comment deadlines. The first (and main) deadline is approximately two and a half weeks before the Council meeting. Public comments that are supplied before this deadline are included in the advance Briefing Book. The second deadline, known as the supplemental public comment deadline, is approximately four business days prior to the start of the Council meeting. Public comments  provided by this deadline are given to Council members on the first day of the Council meeting. Comments can be submitted by visiting our E-portal webpage.