November 2017 Briefing Book

A. Call to Order

B. Open Comment Period

C. Coastal Pelagic Species Management

D. Salmon Management

E. Pacific Halibut Management

F. Groundfish Management

G. Administrative Matters

H. Highly Migratory Species Management

I. Enforcement Issues

Ancillary Meetings (Advisory Body and Committee Agendas AND Committee Memos)

Ancillary Agendas

Advisory Body and Committee Memos

Informational Reports, General Information, and Membership Roster

Informational Reports

  • Informational Report 1: Managing Fisheries in a Changing Environment – Discussions from the 2017 Forum May 1-2, 2017, Monterey, California
  • Informational Report 2: NOAA Report; Marine Recreational Information Program – Collaborating to Improve Recreational Fishing Estimates – Strategic Plan: 2017-2022
  • Informational Report 3: Framework for Addressing the National Academies Recommendations
  • Informational Report 4: Nominations Sought for Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC)
  • Supplemental Informational Report 5: Status Report of the 2017 Ocean Salmon Fisheries off Washington, Oregon, and California; preliminary data through October 31, 2017

General Information and Membership Roster

Protocol for Submitting Electronic Slide Presentation Materials at the Meeting