June 2023 briefing book

June 2023 Council Meeting

A. Call to order

B. Open comment period

C. Administrative matters

  • C.6 Situation Summary:  Approval of Council Meeting Records
    • C.6, Attachment 1: Draft Council Meeting Record: 270th Session of the Pacific Fishery Management Council, March 4-10, 2023 (Electronic Only)
    • C.6, Attachment 2: Draft Council Meeting Record: 271st Session of the Pacific Fishery Management Council, April 1-7, 2023 (Electronic Only)

D. Habitat issues

E. Pacific halibut management

F. Ecosystem management

G. Coastal pelagic species management

H. Groundfish management

I. Salmon management

J. Highly migratory species management

Advisory body and committee agendas

Advisory body and committee memos

SSC materials

For SSC meeting discussion, the following items are available (Electronic Only)

Informational reports

  • Informational Report 1: Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative Amendment 20 Catcher/Processor Cooperative Annual Report 2022
  • Informational Report 2:  Whiting Mothership Cooperative – An Amendment 20 Mothership Catcher Vessel Cooperative; Annual Report on the 2022 Pacific Whiting Fishery
  • Informational Report 3:  Shorebased Whiting Cooperative; Salmon Mitigation Plan Postseason Report on the 2022 Pacific Whiting Fishery
  • Informational Report 4: In Loving Memory, Mr. Frank Warrens
  • Informational Report 5:  FY22 Annual Enforcement Report to the Pacific Fishery Management Council; West Coast Enforcement Division (June 2023)
  • Informational Report 6:  Notice from NOAA – Reminder to all vessel owners and operators of the responsibility to provide a safe working environment for fisheries observers carried on their vessels
  • Informational Report 7: MREP 2023 Workshop Series Flyer
  • Informational Report 8:  Applications Open for Limited Entry Deep-Set Buoy Gear Permits and Endorsements
  • Informational Report 9: NOAA’s public outreach event – Integrated West Coast Pelagics Survey
  • Supplemental Informational Report 10Federal Register Notice, June 5, 2023 U.S. Coast Guard Port Access Route Study: The Pacific Coast From Washington to California
  • Supplemental Informational Report 11: Electronic Monitoring and Reporting Program Fact Sheet; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

General Information