November 2023 briefing book

November 2023 Council Meeting

A. Call to order

B. Open comment period

C. Administrative matters

  • C.6 Situation Summary:  Approval of Council Meeting Record
    • C.6, Attachment 1: Draft Council Meeting Record: 273rd Session of the Pacific Fishery Management Council, September 7-14, 2023 (Electronic Only)

D. Salmon management

E. Groundfish management

F. Highly migratory species management

G. Pacific halibut

Advisory body and committee agendas

Advisory body and committee memos

  • Enforcement Consultants Memo
  • Groundfish Memo: Groundfish Advisory Subpanel, Groundfish Management Team, and Groundfish Interested Persons
  • HMS Memo: Highly Migratory Species Advisory Subpanel, Highly Migratory Species Management Team, and Interested Persons
  • MPC Memo: Marine Planning Committee and Interested Persons
  • SSC Memo:  Scientific and Statistical Committee Memo

SSC materials

For SSC meeting discussion, the following items are available (Electronic Only)

Informational reports

  • Informational Report 1:  NOAA Fisheries Recreational Fisheries Roundtable (Flyer for 11/04/2023 forum)
  • Informational Report 2:  September 27, 2023 White House Memorandum on Restoring Healthy and Abundant Salmon, Steelhead, and Other Native Fish Populations in the Columbia River Basin
  • Informational Report 3:  Recommendations from the Permanent Advisory Committee to the U.S. Section to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission October 2-3, 2023
  • Informational Report 4:  CWPA Letter of Intent to Renew EFP to Allow Take of Pacific Sardine in Point Sets in 2024-25 in Support of the CPS-NSC Research Program
  • Informational Report 5:  CWPA Letter of Intent to Request Renewal of EFP to Allow Collection of Pacific Sardine Biological Samples in 2024-25
  • Informational Report 6 (Electronic Only):  Tri-State Enforcement Report to Pacific Fisheries Management Council 2023
  • Informational Report 7:  E-Mail from Jennifer Quan to Merrick Burden Re:  Determination from  Secretary of Commerce That a Commercial Fishery Failure Due to a Fishery Resource Disaster Occurred Between 2017 and 2022 in Multiple West Coast and Alaska Fisheries
  • Supplemental Informational Report 8:  Council Staff Report Summarizing Relevant Council Record and Background Regarding Data-Moderate Stock Assessments within the Pacific Fishery Management Council Process
  • Supplemental Informational Report 9:  Summary of West Coast Groundfish Assessments Conducted in 2023
  • Supplemental Informational Report 10:  U.S. Coast Guard Memo “Covered Small Passenger Vessel” Fire Safety Interim Rule Implementation

General Information and Membership Roster

Recent reports