April 2017 Briefing Book

A. Call to Order

B. Open Comment Period

C. Administrative Matters

D. Habitat

E. Salmon Management

F. Groundfish Management

G. Coastal Pelagic Species Management

H. Pacific Halibut Management

Ancillary Meetings (Advisory Body and Committee Agendas AND Committee Memos)

Ancillary Agendas

Advisory Body and Committee Memos

  • CPS Memo: Coastal Pelagic Species Management Team, Coastal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel, and Interested Persons
  • Enforcement Memo: Enforcement Consultants
  • Groundfish Memo: Groundfish Advisory Subpanel, Groundfish Management Team, and Groundfish Interested Persons
  • Salmon Memo: Salmon Advisory Subpanel, Salmon Technical Team, Model Evaluation Workgroup, Sacramento River Winter Chinook Workgroup and Interested Persons
  • SSC Memo: Scientific and Statistical Committee

Informational Reports, General Information, and Membership Roster

Informational Reports

  • Supplemental Informational Report 1: Whiting Mothership Cooperative An Amendment 20 Mothership Catcher Vessel Cooperative Final Report on the 2016 Pacific Whiting Fishery
  • Supplemental Informational Report 2: Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative Amendment 20 Catcher/Processor Cooperative Annual Report 2016
  • Supplemental Informational Report 3: April 2017 Pacific Fishery Management Council Update – Regional Electronic Technology Implementation Plan; Upcoming Pacific Fishery Management Council and NMFS WCR Actions
  • Supplemental Informational Report 4: Invitation for Sunday 9th April at 1 pm, at the Doubletree by Hilton Sacramento, Room: California Salon 3, for a presentation and discussion of the Seafood Watch Standard for Salmonid Fisheries

General Information and Membership Roster

Protocol for Submitting Electronic Slide Presentation Materials at the Meeting