COVID-19 fisheries assistance

NOTE: The Council does not administer fisheries assistance for COVID-19. Please see the links below for resources, or contact the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Recent news California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife posts a CARES Act page for fisheries participants and communities (June 23) How CARES Act funds are allocated (May 14) The Midwater […]

NOAA Fisheries announces emergency action to temporarily extend the primary sablefish fishery season

Published in the Federal Register October 27, 2020: Emergency rule to temporarily extend the 2020 sablefish primary fishery from October 31, 2020 to December 31, 2020. This action is necessary to provide operational flexibility so that vessels in the sablefish primary fishery are able to fully harvest their tier limits despite high economic uncertainty in […]

Request for comments: proposed rule for salmon bycatch minimization measures in the Pacific Coast groundfish fishery

NOAA Fisheries announces a proposed rule to implement measures to minimize incidental take of Endangered Species Act-listed salmon by vessels in the Pacific coast groundfish fishery. The proposed rule will publish tomorrow, October 20, 2020 in the Federal Register. The pre-publication version of the proposed rule is available for public inspection. When the proposed rule publishes, it will […]

NOAA requesting comments on proposed rule for 2021-2022 biennial specifications and management measures

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) published the proposed rule for the 2021-2022 biennial specifications and management measures, including Amendment 29 on October 2, 2020. The accompanying Environmental Assessment is provided here. This rule, if approved, would establish the harvest specifications and management measures for the next two years. These specifications and management measures were […]

Pre-Assessment Workshop to be held online October 26-27, 2020

The Pacific Fishery Management Council (Pacific Council) and the NMFS Northwest Science Center will hold an online workshop to review data and analyses proposed to inform new assessments for Dover sole, copper rockfish, quillback rockfish, and squarespot scheduled to be conducted next year, which is open to the public. 

Scientific and Statistical Committee’s Groundfish Subcommittee to hold online meeting October 23, 2020

The Pacific Fishery Management Council’s (Pacific Council) Scientific and Statistical Committee Groundfish Subcommittee (SSC Groundfish Subcommittee) will hold an online meeting, which is open to the public.  The meeting will be held Friday, October 23, 2020, starting at 2 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time) and ending at 4 p.m., or until business for the day is complete.

Purpose of the meeting

The purpose of the SSC Groundfish Subcommittee meeting is to review proposed length-based assessment methods.  This is a follow-up review of stock synthesis with catch and length (SS-CL) and SS-CL with indices (SS-CL-Index) methods proposed by the NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center that occurred on May 12-14, 2020.  The SSC recommended this review at the November 2020 Pacific Council meeting to review several short-term tasks, detailed in section 6 of the May 12-14 Methods Review Panel report.

To attend the online meeting

Details will be posted to this webpage as they become available.

Technical information

Technical details will be posted to this webpage as they become available.

For technical assistance, you may send an email to Kris Kleinschmidt or call/text 503-820-2412; or email Sandra Krause or call/text 503-820-2419.

Additional information

Requests for sign language interpretation or other auxiliary aids should be directed to Kris Kleinschmidt at 503-280-2412 at least ten business days prior to the meeting date.

If you have additional questions regarding the webinar, please contact  John DeVore at 503-820-2413; toll free 1-866-806-7204, extension 413.

Pacific Council News Fall 2020: Groundfish

Primary fixed-gear sablefish fishery extended under emergency rule Under an emergency action, NMFS is extending the primary (tier) limited entry fixed-gear sablefish fishery from October 31 to December 31, 2020 in response to requests from the Groundfish Advisory Subpanel, fishing industry, and members of the public. A portion of this sablefish sector also participates in […]