Public review draft of FEP Chapters 1 & 2

Consistent with Section 1.3 in the FEP in September 2018 the Council initiated a review to consider updates to the document. The Council directed its Ecosystem Work Group (EWG) to revise and update the goals and objectives in the FEP Chapter 2 and develop an outline of FEP revisions to reflect updated science and results of […]

Pacific Council News Winter 2019: Administrative

Appointments and Advisory Body Vacancies Dr. Melissa Haltuch was appointed to one of the vacant at-large positions on the Scientific and Statistical Committee. The Council will solicit nominations for a remaining at-large vacancy soon with the intent of filling that position at the March 2020 meeting.   The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service identified two new designees […]

Pacific Council News Winter 2019: Habitat and ecosystem

Habitat Report An irrigation canal distributing water to farms in the San Joaquin Valley, California. Photo: Richard Thornton/Shutterstock In November, the Habitat Committee (HC) discussed the Central Valley Project Biological Opinion, Klamath dam removal, the proposed Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas project, salmon reintroduction, offshore wind energy, and critical habitat designations for Southern Resident killer […]

Pacific Council News Fall 2019: Habitat and Ecosystem

Habitat report Jordan Cove The Council has sent a letter to the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on the proposed natural gas pipeline project for the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas facility. The letter comments on the agencies’ proposed changes to their Resource Management Plans, which exempt the pipeline from complying […]

SSC to review ecosystem indicators for Annual State of the CCE Report

At the September 2019 Council meeting the SSC will review two indicators included in the 2019 Report, “stoplight” summary of ecosystem factors affecting salmon abundance and and one candidate a spatial indicator of bottom contact by trawl gear. The SSC will also review an ongoing ecosystem research leading to forecasts of albacore distribution and abundance […]

Ad Hoc Climate and Communities Core Team Meeting, May 30-31, 2019

The Ad Hoc Climate and Communities Core Team met on Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31, 2019 in Portland, Oregon (see agenda). The Team worked on climate change scenario planning and began developing a plan for a Council-focused scenario planning exercise as part of the Fishery Ecosystem Plan Climate and Communities Initiative. The Team was formed in March […]

Climate and Communities Initiative Spring 2019 Update

In March 2019 the Council formed the Climate and Communities Core Team (Ad Hoc CCCT) to manage a scenario planning exercise on the topic of shifting stock availability (including shifting distribution) across species, FMPs, and communities across the west coast. The Council expects this exercise to result in the definition of tools, products, and processes necessary to react […]

Climate and Communities Initiative: 2018 Activities

In 2018, the following activities took place: Quick Link to the Recorded Webinars and Presentations in the 2018 Webinar Series on Ecosystem Climate and Communities A March 2018 EWG report describing major Council decision types that may benefit from increased ecosystem science input. An April 2018 EWG report with suggestions for issues for discussion at the May 2018 Nature Conservancy […]

Climate and Communities Initiative 2017 Activities

2017 ACTIVITIES In March 2017 the Council scoped a potential Fishery Ecosystem Plan initiative to take up in the coming years. They asked the Ad Hoc Ecosystem Workgroup (EWG) to report back in September 2017 with more information to choose between a combined initiative on the socioeconomic effects of fisheries management practices on fishing communities […]

Pacific Council News Spring 2019: Salmon

Salmon seasons set for 2019 In April the Council adopted ocean salmon season recommendations that provide recreational and commercial opportunities for most of the west coast, and achieve conservation goals for the numerous individual salmon stocks on the West Coast. A large increase in hatchery coho over last year will provide a welcome increase in […]