2013: Electronic Monitoring workshop meeting materials

The following are the materials distributed from the Council workshop on electronic monitoring for vessels participating in the groundfish trawl catch share program. Download them all as one file.

Workshop Agenda ItemAttachmentTitle
A.2Attachment 1Terms of Reference for the Pacific Council Workshop on Electronic Monitoring for Vessels Participating in the Groundfish Trawl Catch Share Program
A.2Attachment 2Proposed agenda, Electronic Monitoring Workshop
B.1Attachment 1Electronic Monitoring in the Shore-Side Hake Fishery 2004 to 2010
B.2.aAttachment 1National Fish and Wildlife Grants, to the Fishermen’s Marketing Association
B.2.bAttachment 1Electronic Monitoring Pilot Study Report for West Coast Groundfish Trawl ITQ Program
B.2.bAttachment 2Introduction to Economic Model and Summary of Monitoring Concepts for the West Coast Groundfish FIQ Program
B.2.cAttachment 1Sea State, February 13, 2013, EM Workshop Presentation Description
B.2.dAttachment 1PSMFC Project – 2012 Season Results
B.3Attachment 1Electronic Monitoring in Alaska – Synopsis for Agenda Item B.3
B.4Supplemental Attachment 1Northeast Region Pilot Program (Melissa Hooper)
C.1Attachment 1 Electronic Monitoring – Background, Purpose and Need, Goals and Objectives
D.1.aAttachment 1Preliminary Thoughts on Observer Functions and the Corresponding Abilities of Electronic Monitoring (Northwest Fishery Science Center (NWFSC) Response)
D.1.b&cAttachment 1Preliminary Thoughts on Observer Functions and the Corresponding Abilities of Electronic Monitoring (Northwest Division Office of Law Enforcement(NW OLE), NOAA General Counsel Enforcement Litigation (NOAA GCEL), and Northwest Region (NWR))
D.1.cSupplemental Attachment 2Legal and Enforcement Considerations
D.2.aAttachment 1Electric Monitoring Strawmen for Consideration
D.2.aAttachment 2Creating an Incentive Based Environment for Good Behavior Consideration of a Cooperative Agreement Program for Furthering Electronic Monitoring Compliance
E.1Attachment 1Pacific States Field Study – Detection of Rare Events
E.2Attachment 1Pacific States Field Study –2013 Study Design
FAttachment 1 DRAFT Possible Regulation Amendment Process for Consideration of Electronic Monitoring
Back-GroundBackgroundElectronic Monitoring Annotated Agenda CCC Meeting – February 21, 2013 Silver Spring, MD [also includes whitepapers]
Back-GroundBackground “Estimating weight and identifying species through electronic monitoring: A preliminary comparison of electronic and observer-based reporting”
Back-GroundBackground Cover letter and Fisheries Monitoring Roadmap
Back-GroundSupplemental Background – News ArticlePress Democrat: Feds see early signs of Pacific fishery recovery
Back-GroundSupplemental Background“A maximized retention and monitoring program for the Pacific whiting shoreside fishery implementing Amendment 10 to the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan Draft Environmental Impact Statement”


PowerPoint TitlePresented By
Agenda Item B.1: Electronic Monitoring in the Shore-Side Hake Fishery 2004 to 2010Howard McElderrry
Agenda Item B.2.a: Summary of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grants to the FMAPete Leipzig
Agenda Item B.2.b: Electronic Monitoring Pilot Studies on Fixed Gear Vessels in Central CaliforniaMichael Bell – Senior Project Director, The Nature Conservancy
Agenda Item B.2.c: Overview of NFWF Grant to Develop Video Monitoring for Full-Retention FisheriesKarl Haflinger, Sea State Inc., and Eric Torgerson, Finsight
Agenda Item B.2.d: 2012 EM Season Results Pacific States Marine Fisheries CommissionDave Colpo
Agenda Item B.3: Monitoring Technology in AlaskaFarron Wallace
Agenda Item B.4: Northeast Region Pilot ProgramMelissa Hooper
Agenda Item D.1.b: Electronic Monitoring – Management Compliance RequirementsColby Brady
Agenda Item D.1.c: Vessel-Based Electronic Monitoring Feasibility Evaluation: EnforcementDayna Matthews
Agenda Items E.1 & E.2: Electronic Monitoring Workshop, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission Field StudyDave Colpo