June 2017 Briefing Book

A. Call to Order

B. Open Comment Period

  • Agenda Item B.1: Comments on Non-Agenda Items
    • Agenda Item B.1.b, Supplemental Public Comment 1: Comments requesting an increased groundfish limit or separate limit for flounder as the use of lingcod bait
    • Agenda Item B.1.b, Supplemental Public Comment 2: Opposition to opening EFH Conservation Areas to bottom trawling

C. Administrative Matters

D. Coastal Pelagic Species Management

E. Habitat

F. Groundfish Management

G. Pacific Halibut Management

H. Highly Migratory Species Management

I. Enforcement Issues

Ancillary Meetings (Advisory Body and Committee Agendas AND Committee Memos)



  • CPS Memo: Coastal Pelagic Species Management Team, Coastal Pelagic Species Advisory Subpanel, and Interested Persons
  • Enforcement Memo: Enforcement Consultants
  • Groundfish Memo: Groundfish Advisory Subpanel, Groundfish Management Team, and Groundfish Interested Persons
  • Highly Migratory Species Memo: Highly Migratory Species Advisory Subpanel, Highly Migratory Species Team, and Interested Persons
  • Salmon Memo: Salmon Advisory Subpanel, Salmon Technical Team, Model Evaluation Workgroup, Sacramento River Winter Chinook Workgroup and Interested Persons
  • SSC Memo: Scientific and Statistical Committee

Informational Reports, General Information, and Membership Roster


  • Informational Report 1: Letter from the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to Sam Rauch, dated April 25, 2017 re: North Pacific Fisheries Convention; Commissioner Appointment
  • Informational Report 2: Executive Order, from The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, April 26, 2017: Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act
  • Informational Report 3: Improving Net Gains; Data-Driven Innovation for America’s Fishing Future
  • Supplemental Informational Report 4: National Marine Fisheries Service Office of Law Enforcement West Coast Enforcement Division Report to Pacific Fishery Management Council, June 2017
  • Supplemental Informational Report 5: Report on the 2017 West Coast Regional Recreational Fisheries Roundtables


Protocol for Submitting Electronic Slide Presentation Materials at the Meeting