Fishery Ecosystem Plan 5-year review

In September 2018, the Council initiated a review of the Council’s Pacific Coast Fishery Ecosystem Plan. In March 2020 the Council took final action to adopt revised FEP Chapters 1 & 2 based on the public review draft with revisions recommended by its advisory bodies and the public. In March 2021 the EWG provided revised drafts of FEP Chapters 3 and 4 to the Council and an outline for a stand-alone document titled Guidance Document on Offshore Non-Fishing Activities (based on current Chapter 5). See Agenda Item I.3, March 2021 briefing book, to access these materials.

In September 2021 the EWG provided a complete draft of the revised FEP. Based on advisory body comments, a final draft was completed and made available for public review on the Council website. The Council adopted the revised FEP at its March 2022 meeting, concluding the review process.