Fishery Ecosystem Plan 5-year review

In September 2018, the Council initiated a review of the Council’s Pacific Coast Fishery Ecosystem Plan. In March 2020 the Council took final action to adopt revised FEP chapters 1 & 2 based on the public review draft with revisions recommended by its advisory bodies and the public. The Ecosystem Workgroup (EWG) also provided an annotated outline describing revisions to chapters 3-6.

Revised Chapters 1 & 2 (adopted by the Council at its March 2020 meeting)

The EWG is currently reviewing and revising FEP Chapter 3 and will provide a final draft for adoption at the September 2020 Council meeting. At that time the Council will solicit public comment on proposed revisions to Chapters 4 & 5 with the EWG with proposing revisions to those chapters at a future meeting. To accomplish this work, EWG membership will be increased.