Amendment 1: Full fishery management plan

Fishery Management Plan for Commercial and Recreational Salmon Fisheries off the Coasts of Washington, Oregon, and California Commencing in 1978


  • Cover, Summary, Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapters 2: Description of the Stocks of Fish Comprising the Fishery Management Unit
  • Chapter 3: Description of the Habitat
  • Chapter 4: Existing Fishery Management Jurisdiction, Laws, and Policies
  • Chapter 5: Description of Fishing Activities
  • Chapters 6: Description of Economic Characteristics of the Fishery
  • Chapter 7: Descriptions of the Businesses, Markets, and Organizations Associated with the Fishery
  • Chapter 8: Description of Social and Cultural Framework of Domestic Fishermen and Their Communities
  • Chapter 9: Determination of Optimum Yield
  • Chapters 10: Measures, Requirements, Conditions, or Restrictions Specified to Attain the Objectives of the Plan
  • Chapter 11: Specification and Source of Pertinent Data
  • Chapters 12: Relationship of the Recommended Measures to Existing Applicable Laws and Policies
  • Chapter 13: Proposal for Council Review and Monitoring of the Implementation of the Plan
  • Chapter 14: References
  • Chapter 15: Appendices