Salmon: Current Season Management

Salmon Hotlines, Websites, and Listserv

Up-to-date information on inseason changes is available from the hotlines and websites listed below. You may also sign up for the NMFS West Coast Region Salmon Fishery Management Listserve to get e-mail announcements about salmon management.


2016-April 2017 Salmon Management

Each year the Council’s Salmon Technical Team (STT) and Council staff compile and verify information related to fishery statistics, including spawning escapement estimates.

The management documents include:

  • The SAFE document, Review of 2016 Ocean Salmon Fisheries; available early February

The management documents also include the following three “preseason report documents“:

  • The forecast used to set 2017 salmon fisheries (Preseason Report I, Stock Abundance Analysis and Environmental Assessment Part 1 for 2017 Ocean Salmon Fishery Regulations; available early March)
  • The description of the Council’s proposed ocean salmon management alternatives for 2017 and characterization of their expected impacts on ocean salmon fisheries and the stocks which support them (Preseason Report II, Proposed Alternatives and Environmental Assessment Part 2 for 2017 Ocean Salmon Fishery Regulations; available around March 22)
  • The STT’s analysis of the 2017 ocean salmon fishery management measures adopted by the Council for submission to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce (Preseason Report III, Analysis of Council Adopted Management Measures for 2017 Ocean Salmon Fisheries; available around April 21)

In addition, NMFS will publish an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the 2017 salmon management measures.  For current and historical EA’s, please see the Salmon Documents Library of Environmental Assessments.


Salmon Fishery Regulations Booklet

NMFS has made available their “online” salmon fishery regulations booklet. The booklet and inseason actions are available by visiting the NMFS West Coast Region Salmon and Steelhead Fisheries webpage.  This booklet provides fishermen with a quick reference guide to the Federal regulations governing commercial and recreational salmon fisheries in the exclusive economic zone (3-200 nautical miles off shore) off Washington, Oregon, and California.


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