Habitat Committee

The Council’s Habitat Committee provides advice to the Council on a wide variety of habitat-related issues. The committee works with other advisory bodies on habitat issues, helps develop ways to resolve habitat problems and avoid future habitat conflicts, and makes recommendations for actions that will help achieve the Council’s habitat objectives. Meetings are open to the […]

Pacific Council News Spring 2019: Salmon

Salmon seasons set for 2019 In April the Council adopted ocean salmon season recommendations that provide recreational and commercial opportunities for most of the west coast, and achieve conservation goals for the numerous individual salmon stocks on the West Coast. A large increase in hatchery coho over last year will provide a welcome increase in […]

Pacific Council News Spring 2019: Habitat and ecosystem

State of the California Current Report notes ecosystem improvements and challenges In March the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Northwest and Southwest Fisheries Science Centers reported on the 2019 Annual State of the California Current Ecosystem Report. Several ecological indicators in 2018 reflect average or improving conditions. For example, the copepod community off Newport was predominately […]