Climate and Communities Initiative Spring 2019 Update

In March 2019 the Council formed the Climate and Communities Core Team (Ad Hoc CCCT) to manage a scenario planning exercise on the topic of shifting stock availability (including shifting distribution) across species, FMPs, and communities across the west coast. The Council expects this exercise to result in the definition of tools, products, and processes necessary to react to potential future ecosystem states resulting from climate variability and climate change. The Core Team will flesh out the details of this scenario planning exercise and report back to the Council in September 2019. The bulk of the scenario planning activities would occur between October 2019 and March 2020 when the Council would receive a report on the outcomes of the exercise. Using Scenarios to Explore Climate Change: A Handbook for Practitioners (National Park Service, 2013) provides a general overview of using scenario planning methods to evaluate adaption strategies for climate change.