2012 newsletters

2012 in brief Salmon. The 2012 salmon season was a good one, with California and Oregon fishermen, in particular, benefiting from higher-than-usual salmon abundance for Sacramento and Klamath River fall Chinook. Strait of Juan de Fuca coho were rebuilt, and a rebuilding plan was adopted for Sacramento River fall Chinook. The Council continued working on […]

2011 newsletters

2011 in brief On March 11, a 9.0 earthquake in Japan led to a devastating tsunami that, apart from wreaking havoc in Japan, caused $48 million in damage to the ports of Santa Cruz and Crescent City. In Washington, the process of removing the Elwha, Glines Canyon, and Condit dams began. Salmon. Ocean salmon seasons […]

2010 newsletters

2010 in brief Salmon: After two years of poor seasons, in 2010 salmon season were opened coastwide. The commercial season in California was very limited, but the recreational season was closer to normal. Sacramento River fall Chinook were listed as “overfished” (although fishing was believed to be a minor factor in the decline). The Council […]

2009 newsletters

2009 in brief Salmon: As in 2008, the Council once again adopted very restrictive salmon seasons. The commercial fishery and most recreational fisheries off the coast of California were closed in response to the collapse of the Sacramento River fall Chinook stock. However, fisheries north of Cape Falcon were better than in 2008, with much […]

2008 newsletters

Click images below for the full newsletter. 2008 in brief Salmon: In spring 2008 the Council adopted the most restrictive salmon season ever while the Council considered a Klamath River fall Chinook rebuilding strategy and ODFW studied reintroduction of salmon into the upper Klamath River basin. In November, PacifiCorp, the states, and the Federal government […]