Call for data and information – Essential Fish Habitat Review for Coastal Pelagic Species

The Pacific Fishery Management Council, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), and the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center have initiated a review of essential fish habitat (EFH) provisions in the Coastal Pelagic Species (CPS) Fishery Management Plan (FMP).  This call for data and information is intended to support the review.  Information and data sources can include published scientific literature, unpublished scientific reports, information from interested parties, and previously unavailable or inaccessible data. 

The current CPS FMP can be found on our CPS FMP webpage, and the EFH provisions can be found in appendix D of Amendment 8 (scroll to Appendix D, page 373 of PDF document).  The CPS FMP includes the following species:

  • Pacific sardine
  • Northern anchovy (northern and southern subpopulations)
  • Pacific mackerel
  • Jack mackerel
  • Market squid
  • Krill (Euphausid species)

Fishery management plans are required to identify and describe EFH for each life stage and species, identify and minimize impacts from fishing and non-fishing activities, and identify research needs, among other requirements.  A complete description of EFH provisions to be included in FMPs can be found in the EFH regulatory guidance at 50 CFR§600.815(a).  Information and data should be relevant to:

  • The habitat needs, associations, distribution (including maps), and major prey items of FMP species listed above
  • Adverse impacts on EFH from fishing activities and potential minimization measures
  • Adverse impacts on EFH from non-fishing activities and potential minimization measures
  • Cumulative impacts on CPS EFH from both fishing and non-fishing activities
  • Measures to conserve and enhance EFH for CPS
  • Potential habitat areas of particular concern (HAPC)
  • Research and information needs

Information relevant to the CPS EFH review should be submitted to Emmanis Dorval ( no later than Monday November 30th, 2020.  For further information or assistance with submitting large files, please contact Kerry Griffin (; 503-820-2409).