Sablefish area management and trawl allocation attainment (including gear switching)

Action status

  • Implemented
  • Undergoing NMFS Review
  • Approved by Council
  • Under development by the Council

In April 2018, the Council created the Sablefish Management and Trawl Allocation Attainment Committee (SaMTAAC) to address issues associated with trawl allocation attainment and under-harvest of southern sablefish – in particular, the impacts that gear switching might be having on performance of the catch share program. These issues were identified during the catch share program five-year review. 

The SaMTAAC’s charge is to “…identify obstacles to achieving the goals and objectives of the catch share plan related to under attainment of non-sablefish trawl allocations and unharvested sablefish quota pounds (QP) south of 36° N. latitude. As appropriate to overcome identified obstacles, the committee will discuss and develop options, including but not limited to, actions that may modify rules for gear switching by trawl permit holders and QP leasing to vessels using fixed gear, as well as options that may encourage increased utilization of sablefish QPs south of 36° N. latitude.”

The SaMTAACs final report to the Council has been provided for the June 2020 meeting

SaMTAAC activities and key documents