Climate and Communities Initiative

The California Current Ecosystem (which extends from the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula up to waters off Vancouver Island) supports the economies and social fabric of at least 125 communities in California, Oregon and Washington. As fish populations and the ecosystems that sustain them change in response to climate shifts, there may be profound […]

Fishery Ecosystem Plan 5-year review

In September 2018, the Council initiated a review of the Council’s Pacific Coast Fishery Ecosystem Plan. In March 2020 the Council took final action to adopt revised FEP Chapters 1 & 2 based on the public review draft with revisions recommended by its advisory bodies and the public. In March 2021 the EWG provided revised […]

Initiative 2: Coordinated Ecosystem Indicator Review

Te Council embarked on this initiative to help it develop recommendations to refine and improve the ecosystem indicators presented the Annual State of the California Current Ecosystem Report. Throughout 2015 and 2016 the Council’s Ecosystem Working Group, the Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Team, and the Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) Ecosystem Subcommittee assessed the overall performance […]