2020 harvest specifications for cowcod and shortbelly rockfish

At its June and September 2019 meetings the Council received public comment requesting relief from the adverse effects of harvest specifications for these two stocks. Affected trawl participants south of 40°10’ N. lat. requested a higher annual vessel limit of cowcod given the difficulty avoiding incidental bycatch as the stock rebuilds. They expressed concern the […]

FMP Amendment 18: Rebuilding plan for Pacific sardine

On July 9, 2019, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) notified the Council that the northern subpopulation of Pacific sardine is overfished. The Council is obligated to develop a rebuilding plan, which must be implemented within two years of the notification (i.e., July 9, 2021). NMFS determined that the stock was overfished based on a 2019 […]

Salmon FMP Amendment 20: Annual management schedule

At its April 2019 meeting, the Council received a report from NMFS highlighting the challenge in completing the regulatory work needed to implement annual regulations for the ocean salmon fishery, based on the measures developed by the Council each year at its March and April meetings. NMFS encouraged the Council to adopt a long-term solution […]

Groundfish FMP Amendment 28: Essential fish habitat

Groundfish essential fish habitat, Rockfish Conservation Area modifications, and Magnuson-Stevens Act discretionary closures Amendment 28 includes a new configuration of areas closed to bottom trawling to protect essential fish habitat (EFH); it removes the trawl rockfish conservation area off Oregon and California; and it includes a deep water closure of groundfish bottom contact fishing in […]

Endangered Species Act mitigation measures for seabirds

On May 2, 2017 United States Fish and Wildlife Service published its Biological Opinion (B.O.) addressing observed take of endangered short-tailed albatross in commercial groundfish longline fisheries managed under the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan. The Incidental Take Statement in the B.O. lists nondiscretionary term and conditions, one of which mandates that the Council […]

Groundfish harvest specifications and management measures for 2021-2022 (including Amendment 29)

In June 2019 the Council adopted a schedule for developing harvest specifications and management measures for 2021-2022 groundfish fisheries. The process accommodates several steps, including peer review of data and analyses used for management decision-making; preparation of an analytical document as required by law; constituent meetings sponsored by state agencies to solicit public input on preferred […]

Coho salmon rebuilding plans

Final Coho rebuilding plans Strait of Juan de Fuca Natural Coho Salmon Rebuilding Plan; Regulatory Identifier Number 0648-BJ05 (October 2019) Queets River Natural Coho Salmon Rebuilding Plan; Regulatory Identifier Number 0648-BJ05 (October 2019) Snohomish River Natural Coho Salmon Rebuilding Plan; Regulatory Identifier Number 0648-BJ05 (October 2019)

2020 Pacific Halibut Catch Sharing Plan

At each September meeting, the Council considers proposed changes to the Pacific halibut Catch Sharing Plan (CSP) and annual regulations for IPHC regulatory Area 2A (Washington, Oregon, California) to allocate the Pacific halibut catch limit between treaty Indian and non-Indian harvesters, and among non-Indian commercial and recreational (sport) fisheries. The Council takes final action on […]

Climate and Communities Initiative

The California Current Ecosystem (which extends from the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula up to waters off Vancouver Island) supports the economies and social fabric of at least 125 communities in California, Oregon and Washington. As fish populations and the ecosystems that sustain them change in response to climate shifts, there may be profound […]

CPS FMP Amendment 17: Incidental catch allowance in the live bait fishery

Amendment 17 to the coastal pelagic species (CPS) fishery management plan was approved by the Council in November 2018 and by the Secretary of Commerce in June 2019. Amendment 17 eliminates the predetermined incidental catch allowance in the live bait fishery when a CPS stock is overfished, and instead requires the Council to determine appropriate […]