June 2022 briefing book

June 2022 Council Meeting

A. Call to order

B. Open comment period

C. Administrative

  • C.6 Situation Summary: Approval of Council Meeting Records
    • C.6, Attachment 1: Draft Council Meeting Record: 265th Session of the Pacific Fishery Management Council, March 8-14, 2022 (Electronic Only)
    • C.6, Attachment 2: Draft Council Meeting Record: 266th Session of the Pacific Fishery Management Council, April 7-13, 2022 (Electronic Only)

D. Coastal pelagic species management

E. Habitat issues

F. Groundfish management

  • F.3 Situation Summary: Stock Assessment Plan and Terms of Reference – Final Action
    • F.3, Attachment 1: Summary of Final Information to Inform Selection of Species for Assessment in 2023, Workload, and Other Considerations
    • F.3, Attachment 2: NMFS Assessment Prioritization Workbook (Electronic Only)
    • F.3, Attachment 3: Description of assessment prioritization methodology applied to U.S. West Coast groundfish stock to inform the selection of species assessments in 2023 and 2025
    • F.3, Attachment 4: Detailed summary of available data to support West Coast groundfish stock assessments in 2023 (Electronic Only)
    • F.3, Attachment 5: California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program: Data availability for stock assessments
    • F.3, Attachment 6: Draft Terms of Reference for the Groundfish Stock Assessment Process for 2023-2024
    • F.3.d, Public Comments (If received, Electronic Only)
  • F.6 Situation Summary: Exempted Fishing Permits, Harvest Specifications, and Management Measures for 2023-2024 Fisheries – Final Action
    • F.6, Attachment 1: Action Item Checklist
    • F.6, Attachment 2: Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery 2023-2024 Harvest Specifications and Management Measures Analytical Document. (Electronic Only)
    • F.6, Attachment 3: A Correction to the Estimated Apportionment of Copper Rockfish in California North and South of 40°10’ N lat
    • F.6, Attachment 4: Groundfish EFP Proposal: Yellowtail Rockfish Jig Fishing off California. (San Francisco Community Fishing Association and Dan Platt)
    • F.6, Attachment 5: Monterey Bay Regional Exempted Fishing Permit Targeting Chilipepper Rockfish (Real Good Fish)
    • F.6, Attachment 6: Year-Round Coastwide Midwater Rockfish EFP: Monitoring and Minimizing Salmon Bycatch When Targeting Rockfish in the Shorebased IFQ Fishery, 2023-2024. (West Coast Seafood Processors Association; Oregon Trawl Commission; Midwater Trawlers Cooperative; Environmental Defense Fund)
    • F.6, Attachment 7: California Department of Fish and Wildlife; 2023-2024 Exempted Fishing Permit Application (CDFW)
    • F.6, Attachment 8: Proposal for an Exempted Fishery Permit, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Enhanced Yelloweye Recreational Fishery Biological Sampling (WDFW)
    • F.6, Attachment 9: Proposed Language for Amendment 30 to the Pacific Groundfish Fishery Management Plan
    • F.6, Attachment 10, Joint Council Staff and National Marine Fisheries Service Report: Amendment 30 to the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan, 2023-2024 Harvest Specifications, and Management Measures Preliminary Draft Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Impact Review
    • F.6.a, NMFS Report 1. National Marine Fisheries Service Report for 2023-2024 Groundfish Biennial Management Measures
    • F.6.a, WDFW Report 1: Washington Department Of Fish and Wildlife Report on 2023 and 2024 Groundfish Management Measures
    • F.6.a, GMT Report 1. Groundfish Management Team Report on Block Area Closures for Groundfish Mitigation
    • F.6.b, Public Comments (If received, Electronic Only)

G. Highly migratory species management

Advisory body and committee agendas

Advisory body and committee memos

Informational reports

  • Informational Report 1: Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative Amendment 20 Catcher/Processor Cooperative Annual Report 2021
  • Informational Report 2: Whiting Mothership Cooperative – An Amendment 20 Mothership Catcher Vessel Cooperative Annual Report on the 2021 Pacific Whiting Fishery (Electronic Only)
  • Informational Report 3: Shorebased Whiting Cooperative – Salmon Mitigation Plan Postseason Report on the 2021 Pacific Whiting Fishery
  • Informational Report 4: Equity and Environmental Justice Strategy (Electronic Only)
  • Informational Report 5: DRAFT Western Regional Action Plan to Implement the NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy in 2022 – 2024 (Electronic Only)
  • Informational Report 6: FY21 Annual Enforcement Report to the Pacific Fishery Management Council West Coast Enforcement Division

General Information and Membership Roster

  • General Information: Chairs Reception, Membership Roster (dated May 16 2022 for the June 2022 briefing book); Seating Chart; Council Meeting Schedule

Recent reports

Now Accepting Applications for Deputy Director of the Pacific Fishery Management Council

The Pacific Fishery Management Council is seeking candidates to serve as its next Deputy Director.  The application period is open now through May 30, 2022.  More information is provided in the Deputy Director recruitment packet, which consists of a recruitment announcement and a position description.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council is committed to the principle of diversity and is particularly interested in receiving applications from a broad spectrum of people, including minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

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Materials as of 5/20/22

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Groundfish Subcommittee of the Scientific and Statistical Committee to hold online workshop June 21-23, 2022

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