Request for nominations for a vacancy on the Salmon Advisory Subpanel representing Washington Charter Operations

The Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) is seeking qualified candidates to consider for a vacant Washington Charter Boat Operator position on its Salmon Advisory Subpanel (SAS).  The successful candidate will serve out the remainder of the 2019-2021 Council advisory body term. To ensure consideration, nominations should be received at the Council office no later than […]

Pacific Council News Summer 2020: Salmon

Workgroup meets to look into new management approach for southern Oregon/northern California coast coho The ad hoc Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast Coho Workgroup met for the first time in June to support the Council in its efforts to develop a new management approach for southern Oregon/northern California coast coho.  NMFS requested the Council assist in […]

Final rule published for 2020 salmon fisheries management measures

Through this final rule, National Marine Fisheries Service establishes fishery management measures for the 2020 ocean salmon fisheries off Washington, Oregon, and California and the 2021 salmon seasons opening earlier than the effective date of the 2021 rule, which is expected to be no later than May 16, 2021, under authority of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery […]

Southern Resident Killer Whale Workgroup to hold online meeting June 1, 2020

The Pacific Fishery Management Council’s (Pacific Council) Ad Hoc Southern Resident Killer Whale Workgroup (Workgroup) will hold an online meeting, which is open to the public. The meeting will be held Monday, June 1, 2020, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, or when business for the day has been completed.

Pacific Council News Spring 2020: Salmon and halibut

2020 Salmon seasons set In April the Council adopted ocean salmon season recommendations that provide recreational and commercial opportunities for most of the Pacific coast, and achieve conservation goals for the numerous individual salmon stocks on the West Coast. Due to the COVID-19 social distancing requirements, all meetings associated with the decision were held via […]