Marine Resource Education Program workshop series (2022-2023)

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is happy to announce a two-part Marine Resources Education Program West Coast Fisheries Science & Management workshop series October 4-6, 2022 (science) and January 17-19, 2023 (management). Applications are being accepted now. Interested fishermen should apply by September 16 at (please note, the deadline has been extended).  The Marine Resource Education Program (MREP), […]

2022 Pacific Halibut Catch Sharing Plan for Area 2A available on Council’s website

The 2022 Pacific Halibut Catch Sharing Plan for Area 2A is now available on the Council’s Pacific halibut webpage. The 2022 Area 2A Pacific Halibut Catch Sharing Plan guides tribal, non-tribal commercial, and recreational Pacific halibut fisheries off the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and California by prescribing an allocation formula for the allowable catch, and […]

Area 2A Pacific Halibut Managers online meeting will be held January 4, 2022

The Pacific Fishery Management Council (Pacific Council) will host an online meeting of the Area 2A Pacific halibut governmental management entities that is open to the public. The online meeting will be held Tuesday, January 4, 2022, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Pacific Time, or until business for the day has been completed.

Purpose of the meeting

The primary purpose of the online meeting is to prepare and develop recommendations for the 2022 International Pacific Halibut Commission’s (IPHC) annual meeting held online from January 24 through January 28, 2022.  Recommendations generated from the 2A managers meeting will be communicated to the IPHC by the Pacific Council’s representatives.  Attendees may also address other topics relating to Pacific halibut management.

Meeting Materials


To attend the online meeting

  1. Join the meeting by using this link:
  2. Enter the Meeting ID: 144 229 4765 and click JOIN
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  1. Enter your name and click JOIN.
  2. You may use your telephone for the audio portion of the meeting by dialing the TOLL number provided on your screen, followed by the meeting ID and participant ID (also provided on the screen)
  3. Once connected, you will be in the meeting, seeing other participants and a shared screen, if applicable.

For the best audio experience, please use computer audio. If you are not able to use the RingCentral application via computer or mobile device, please join the “audio only” portion of the online meeting by calling one of the numbers below.

Telephone: Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

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Meeting ID: 144 229 4765
International numbers available:

Technical information

Attendee instructions

How to join a RingCentral Meeting

System requirements

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For technical assistance, you may send an email to Kris Kleinschmidt or call/text 503-820-2412; or email Sandra Krause or call/text 503-820-2419.

Additional information

Requests for sign language interpretation or other auxiliary aids should be directed to Kris Kleinschmidt at 503-280-2412 at least ten business days prior to the meeting date.

If you have additional questions regarding the meeting, please contact Robin Ehlke at 503-820-2410; toll free 1-866-806-7204, extension 410.

Fact sheet: Halibut

The fish Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) are large flatfish found on the continental shelf from California to the Bering Sea. Halibut have flat, diamond-shaped bodies, can weigh up to 500 pounds, and can grow to eight feet long. The oldest halibut on record, both male and female, is 55 years old.  The stock status of […]

IPHC now accepting applications for Area 2A Halibut licenses (2021)

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) is now accepting applications for Area 2A Halibut licenses (2021). Please see the IPHC website for further information. You may contact the IPHC Secretariat at:, should you have any questions or require assistance.

Pacific Council News Winter 2020: Halibut

Council adopts final changes to 2021 catch sharing plan, annual regulations In November, the Council adopted final changes to the 2021 Halibut Catch Sharing Plan and annual fishing regulations consistent with the recommendations provided by California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, including the […]

Washington submits draft plan to distribute Federal relief funding

Washington State announced on December 8 that it has submitted a draft plan for how to distribute $50 million in Federal relief funding to members of Washington’s commercial seafood, shellfish and charter industries to NOAA Fisheries for review and approval. Under Section 12005 of the CARES Act, Congress provided $300 million to states to distribute […]

2021 proposed changes to the Pacific Halibut Catch Sharing Plan and annual regulations, including the non-tribal directed commercial fishery

The Council adopted for public review proposed changes to the current Area 2A Pacific Halibut Catch Sharing Plan (CSP) and annual fishing regulations in Washington, Oregon, and California recreational fisheries for the 2021 season as follows: In the Columbia River subarea allow the retention of yellowtail, widow, canary, redstriped, greenstriped, slivergray, chilipepper, bocaccio, and blue/deacon […]