June 2020 oral public comment sign up

As with our in-person meetings, we will be accepting oral public comment for each agenda Item. You will still need to fill out a public comment card to sign up for an opportunity to speak, and oral comments will only be accepted before Council action on each agenda item.

The links below will take you to the public comment card sign up forms for each agenda item. We will use these sign up forms to create lists to call from during the public comment period of each agenda item. When your name is called, we will unmute you from the attendee list at which point you will have the opportunity to give your comment. If there are technical issues, we will move to the next person, and circle back at the end for a second chance.

Public comment sign up is now live. Each comment period will close at Council action for each agenda item.

B. Open Comment Period

C. Administrative Matters

D. Highly Migratory Species

E. Salmon Management

F. Groundfish Management

G. Coastal Pelagic Species Management