Highly Migratory Species: Current Season Management

The Council considers new management measures for West Coast highly migratory species (HMS) fisheries, or revisions to current measures, on a two-year (biennial) cycle. According to the HMS fishery management plan (FMP), the Council determines what changes are necessary at their June meeting. Proposals are then considered at the September Council meeting, and final action occurs at the November Council meeting. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) then implements Council recommended management measures through the Federal regulatory process. Any such measures become effective at the start of the next fishing year, April 1 of the following year, or when the rulemaking process is complete, and stay in effect for at least two years unless emergency action is taken to modify the action. Council meetings in 2006 initiated the first biennial management cycle under the HMS FMP.  To see Council recommended management measures, refer to the decision summaries for November Council meetings in even numbered years starting with 2006. (Note that the Council did not consider any management measure changes in 2012 and 2016.)