Live webinar

April 6-9 and 12-15, 2021 Council Meeting

This meeting was conducted via webinar only.

Subcommittee and Advisory Body Meetings scheduled to begin April 6.
Council Session is scheduled to begin April 8.

Agenda and Meeting Notice

Key documents and Council meeting updates will appear on the right as they are posted. Re-visit this page for future updates. If you would like to be notified when the key documents and Council meeting updates are posted, and are not already on our mailing list, please sign up for the PFMC listserv today.

The E-Portal will open on 3/15 and close at 5pm on 4/5. Comment received between 3/15 and 3/25 by 5pm will go live on 3/26 when we post the Briefing Book materials. Comments received after at 3/25 will be viewable immediately upon approval.

Watch the Council live-stream on YouTube!

This is an easy way to listen and follow along with Council discussion without having to download anything. It is a listen-only stream. If you wish to participate or provide public comment, please join the Council webinar by downloading the RingCentral application.

A new live-stream will appear here for each day’s meeting. You can replay a previous day’s stream by visiting the Council’s YouTube channel. Subscribe to get notifications when we go live or post a new video.

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Providing oral public comment during the Council webinar

As with our in-person meetings, we will be accepting oral public comment for each agenda Item. You will still need to sign up for an opportunity to speak, and oral comments will only be accepted before Council action on each agenda item. We have updated our E-Portal to now allow signing up for oral testimony. Watch the video to see how.

*Please note you must use the RingCentral Meeting application (join via web browser does not support attendee microphone audio on the Webinar platform) to participate in public comment. A computer with mic and speakers or smartphone or tablet must be used, as you cannot dial in via a telephone. Please also read the FAQ section below for detailed instructions on how the Public Comment process works.

Joining the Council webinar to give a presentation

Join using the RingCentral meeting app and we can promote you to Panelist.

Joining the Council webinar to listen and give public comment

RingCentral will connect you to the Council webinar as an attendee in listen-only mode. You will be able to hear the conversation, see what is being shared on the screen, and raise your hand during the public comment period. (Please also sign up for oral public comment).
You must use the RingCentral app whether downloaded to a computer or from the App store on a smartphone or tablet to participate.

You cannot dial in via telephone only to participate, it must be done using the RingCentral application. You can join the webinar via a web browser only to listen. However, it will not allow you to speak. If you cannot use the application, please contact: Kris Kleinschmidt.
Please see our FAQ for answers to more common questions.

Watch our RingCentral instructional video to learn how to download, install, and run the application.

Step 1:

Download the RingCentral Meetings application.
(Available via link above for PC, and Mac. For smartphones and tablets use your device’s app store)

Step 2:

Launch the application and click “Join a Meeting”
(No need to sign in or create an account)

Step 3:

Enter meeting ID:
(The meeting ID will remain the same each day. You can log in/out as needed)
Please note: this is a listen-only stream, and all attendees joining the meeting will be muted by default. During public comment you must use a mic and speakers on your computer, smartphone or tablet to speak. Telephone only audio is not supported.

Submitting a PowerPoint or other visual aid

As with our in-person meetings, if your public comment includes a PowerPoint, photo, video or other visual aid, you must submit your file to both Kris Kleinschmidt ( and Sandra Krause ( no later than 5 p.m. the day before the agenda item.

Please be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Relevant agenda item in the email
  • Page numbers on the PowerPoint (this will help Council members reference specific pages should they have questions).

You will still need to fill out the public comment card.

When it is time to present to the Council, you will be un-muted and can present your comments. Sandra Krause will run the visual aid presentation. Please allow her to advance the slides for you.

Accessing the advisory body and management team meetings

Once you have downloaded the RingCentral Meetings application, you can copy and paste or manually type in the meeting ID provided below after clicking “Join a meeting.”

TIP: Each time you re-launch the application and click “Join a Meeting” you can click in the Meeting ID field, and previously entered ID’s will appear, saving time when re-joining the same meeting each day.

Please refer to the meeting notice and detailed agenda for days and start times for each group. The same meeting ID is used for each day of the meeting.


What’s the best way to join the Council meeting webinar?

1) Download and install the RingCentral Meeting application.
2) Ensure you have a good internet connection.
3) Use a headset or earphones to aid in cutting down background noise. You cannot connect as an attendee using a telephone only and must use the RingCentral application.
3) Turn off video camera sharing (where applicable) to reduce bandwidth.

More information on RingCentral

How do I join the Council meeting stream and other advisory body or management team streams?

You can only connect to one meeting at a time.  We have provided the access codes for each advisory body and Council Meeting stream above.  You can leave a meeting, and join another meeting based on your interests/participation. Alternatively, if you have multiple devices such as a tablet and computer, you could join one meeting on one, and another meeting on another.

More information on RingCentral

I see RingCentral is powered by Zoom. Can I use my Zoom account/application to join the meeting?

No. RingCentral is a web-based phone company that has a license agreement with Zoom to handle the video portion of their calls. While the video is handled by a Zoom plugin, the overall call is handled by RingCentral. As such you must use the RingCentral application.

If I work for an organization that does not allow me to install applications, what do I do?

First, please consult your IT department.  In, our calls to various organizations we work with we have found overwhelmingly that their IT departments have approved the installation of the RingCentral Meeting application, or will allow joining via a web browser (no installation required). 

Learn more about using RingCentral

Can I just dial into the meeting with my phone to listen vs joining via a computer?

For the AB Meetings yes. For the Council Stream, unfortunately no. However, keep in mind, since you are not logging in via the application, you will not be able to supply your name for the host. This means on the participants list, you will appear as the phone number you dial in from. It also means there is no raise hand functionality for you, so in most cases you will be able to listen but not participate in the conversation.

If I don’t have a computer, can I join via a smartphone or tablet?

Yes!  Please visit your device’s app store and download the RingCentral Meeting application. This will allow you to join the meeting and either dial in via internet connection only (helpful if you’re connected to WiFi) or via a cellular connection.  For more details please see the RingCentral mobile app page. Here you can enter your mobile number and you will be texted the link to download the app. See also the mobile app page for more details.

How do I submit and speak to a public comment during the meeting?

  1. First make sure you have joined the webinar (you must use the RingCentral app, and have a mic and speaker – no dial in telephone connection is allowed), and have entered your name so we can associate your comment with you on the attendee list. 
  2. Next sign up for a oral testimony on our E-Portal (sign ups open at 8am on Day 1 of the Council meeting and close for each Agenda Item when Public Comment starts for that Agenda Item.)
  3. Finally, when we get to the public comment period, the screen will be shared with the list of people who have signed up so you will know what order you fall in. The Chair will then call on individuals who are on that list to raise their hands in the RingCentral app, which will bring their names to the top of the list. From there, we will call on individuals and un-mute their microphones for testimony.
    Please note: if technical issues arise, we will move onto the next person signed up to comment. We will circle back at the end to allow you to attempt again. You can reach out to Kris Kleinschmidt – 503-820-2412 if you have issues.

For public comment, what if I have a PowerPoint, or something visual I’d like to show?

As with in-person Council meetings, we will allow the public to submit a PowerPoint or other visual aid in support of their oral testimony. These submissions need to be emailed to both Kris Kleinschmidt (, and Sandra Krause ( no later than 5pm the day before the Agenda item is to go on the floor. This allows time for processing, testing etc. to ensure we don’t have any difficulty sharing it on the screen. When your time to comment comes up, we will share the screen with your visual, and ask that you instruct us to advance the slide orally.

How do I participate in the morning state delegation meetings?

Each state will be providing and managing their own audio call-in numbers or webinar numbers.