Council Operations: Council Meetings

Council meetings are meetings in which the entire Council and its advisory bodies meet and are the key to the Council process. The Council meets five times a year, usually in March, April, June, September, and November. Most Council meetings take five or six days, with individual advisory body meetings occurring during the course of the week. All meetings are open to the public, except for a short closed Council session in which the Council deals with personnel and litigation issues. Advisory bodies also meet at various times between Council meetings. Meetings are usually held in large cities where there is adequate meeting space and airport connections and are streamed online to increase public access. Summary minutes are created for each Council meeting, and are available to the public. In addition, a complete audio record of each meeting are available from our recorder, Mr. Craig Hess, Martin Enterprises, phone (360) 749-4038.

The Council Briefing Book contains meeting agendas, agenda item summaries, reports from management entities and advisory bodies, and background information.

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The Council Coordination Committee (CCC) consists of the Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Executive Directors of each of the eight Regional Councils, and other Council staff as appropriate, and meets to discuss issues of relevance to all Councils The CCC normally meets twice per year. Generally, an interim meeting is held early in the calendar year to discuss budgets and other pressing matters and is hosted by NMFS, in Washington, D.C. The primary, annual CCC meeting is hosted, on a revolving basis, by one of the Councils, normally in later spring or early summer.