June 2020 Briefing Book

A. Call to Order

  • A.3 Situation Summary: Executive Director’s Report
    • A.3, Supplemental Attachment 5: Letter from Chris Oliver to the RFMCs requesting that each Council submit a prioritized list of recommended actions to reduce burdens on domestic fishing and to increase production within sustainable fisheries as required under Section 4 of EO 13921

B. Open Comment Period

C. Administrative Matters

D. Highly Migratory Species Management

E. Salmon Management

F. Groundfish Management

G. Coastal Pelagic Species Management

Ancillary Meetings (Advisory Body and Committee Agendas AND Committee Memos)

Ancillary Agendas

Advisory Body and Committee Memos

Informational Reports, General Information, and Membership Roster

Informational Reports

General Information and Membership Roster

Recent reports