Attention Pacific Council DropBox Subscribers! Pacific Council to Transition from Dropbox to OneDrive on January 1, 2024

The Pacific Fishery Management Council (Pacific Council) is pleased to announce that it will be transitioning from Dropbox to OneDrive on January 1, 2024. This change is part of our ongoing commitment to electronic efficiencies and reducing our carbon footprint.

OneDrive will not be taking the place of the Briefing Book website but will be another tool for our stakeholders to use to access briefing book documents more quickly and efficiently.How it works:Briefing Book materials are hosted on the Council’s website ( We also offer a OneDrive subscription as another tool to deliver the same Briefing Book materials to the subscriber’s OneDrive folder automatically.

Files will be added to the OneDrive folder at the same time they are added to the Briefing Book website. Then, to save on storage space, we will delete that meetings folder about two weeks before the next Council meeting when we upload that meetings contents.  All the older Council meeting files however, can be found on the Briefing Book Archive section of our website: to get started with OneDrive:If you are a Council member, advisory body member, member of the public, or other stakeholder, please fill out the subscription form to become a OneDrive subscriber. Use the email address associated to your M365 / OneDrive account and we will add you as a member of the Briefing Book folder.

Current DropBox users will NOT be ported over to the new system; users must subscribe to the OneDrive system if you wish to enroll.

To learn more about OneDrive, please visit the Microsoft OneDrive website:

We encourage you to signup.

For further information please contact Hayden York <>; call or text 503-820-2424.