Groundfish FMP Amendment 26: Allocation of harvest opportunity between sectors of blackgill rockfish and other species managed in the slope rockfish complex south of 40°10′ N latitude

In November 2015, the Council took final action to remove blackgill rockfish from the Slope Rockfish complex south of 40⁰ 10’ N. latitude and reallocate blackgill rockfish and the remaining species in the southern Slope Rockfish complex to trawl and non-trawl sectors as follows:

  • Blackgill sector allocations: 41% to limited entry trawl and 59% to non-trawl sectors;
  • Remaining southern slope rockfish allocations: 91% to limited entry trawl and 9% to non-trawl sectors.

No changes were recommended to the accumulation limit for these species.

In April 2019, the Council reconsidered their final action on Amendment 26 and decided to adopt the “No Action” alternative, which maintained management of blackgill rockfish in the Slope Rockfish complex south of 40⁰ 10’ N. latitude with no changes to the existing intersector allocations. The Council chose this course of action due to improved status of the southern blackgill rockfish stock and to avoid potential impacts to the trawl fishery.

Amendment 26 document downloads (April 2019 Briefing Book)

  • Agenda Item G.4, Attachment 1: Draft Environmental Assessment: Allocation of Harvest Opportunity Between Sectors of the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery of Blackgill Rockfish and Other Species Managed in the Slope Rockfish Complex South of 40°10′ N. Latitude
  • Agenda Item G.4, Attachment 2: Blackgill Rockfish Accumulation Limits: Alternatives and Draft Impact Analysis
  • Agenda Item G.4.a, Supplemental REVISED NMFS Report 1: National Marine Fisheries Service Report on Updates to Blackgill-Slope Rockfish Complex Reallocation and Accumulation Limits (Amendment 26)