Groundfish FMP Amendment 21 and related amendments (Amendment 21-1 through Amendment 21-4): Allocation of harvest opportunity for trawl and other sectors of the Pacific Coast groundfish fishery

Amendment 21 established intersector allocations needed to support the trawl catch share program (Amendment 20). It has been modified by a number of sub-amendments, starting with Amendment 21-1. These amendments and work on other changes to Amendment 21 are tracked on the Amendment 20 page in the section on “Catch share program modifications.”

Amendment 21-4 (2019)

Amendment 21-4 changes the fishery management plan to specify that canary and widow rockfish will be managed using set-asides for the at-sea whiting fishery (rather than bycatch allocations). It removes the fixed formulas used to determine bycatch amounts of Pacific Ocean Perch, darkblotched rockfish and widow rockfish provided for the at-sea whiting sectors, and allows the Council to identify projected at-sea bycatch amounts for these stocks through the biennial harvest specification process. Amendment 21-4 was submitted for Secretarial review on August 23, 2019 (notice of availability).

Final rule (effective January 16, 2020)

Transmittal letter

Decision analysis document

Amendment 21-3 (January 2018)

Amendment 21-3 changed darkblotched and Pacific ocean perch allocations for the at-sea whiting fishery to set asides.

Final rule (January 8, 2018)

Transmittal letter (includes amendment language)

Amendment 21-2 (September 2012)

Amendment 21-2 revised catch accounting provisions for clarity, reinstated provisions that were inadvertently deleted with Amendment 21, and revised annual catch limit set-aside provisions to allow for the routine reallocation of unused harvest set-asides as part of any considered inseason fishery adjustment. This action occurred concurrently with the 2013-2014 groundfish harvest specifications and management measures process.

Final environmental impact statement for 2013-14 harvest specifications and management measures and Amendment 21-2 including appendices

Amendment 21-1 (July 2011)

Amendment 21-1 clarified that the Amendment 21 allocation percentages supersede the limited entry/open access allocations for certain groundfish species and revised the amount of bycatch quota pounds that areissued for the shoreside trawl fishery to cover Pacific halibut mortality in order to better match the objective specified in Amendment 21.

Final environmental assessment

Transmittal letter

Amendment 21 (August 2010)

Amendment 21 established formal, long-term allocations of a select subset of Federally-managed west coast groundfish species to the limited entry trawl sectors. The long term allocations of Amendment 21 reduces the need for trawl/nontrawl allocation action in each biennial specifications process. Amendment 21 was partially approved by NMFS along with Amendment 20 in 2010.

Final environmental impact statement

Partial approval letter

Transmittal letter