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About the site

Here you will find information on navigating the site, frequently asked questions, and – if you’re searching for a specific document – our document request form.

Take a moment and watch the following brief videos (2-3 minutes each) to get familiar with our new site.

Overview of the website
Overview of the website


Is everything from the old site on the new site?

Not quite everything has been moved to the new site. It takes time to convert documents so that they are 508 compliant. This adds a layer of complexity to the process of developing a website. In developing the new site, we focused our energy on the most recent materials, dating back to 2015. From there, we created an archive page to house older documents (2014-2000) for historical reference.

What is Section 508 compliance?

Section 508 requires federal agencies to make their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) such as technology, online training and websites accessible for everyone. Section 508 also means that a person with a disability who is using an agency’s website to get information about a program, or completing an online form has access to the same accessible information and resources available to anyone. Learn more.

How many years of Briefing Books do you have available?

We have full Briefing Books available dating back to 2015 in our traditional format. On our Archive page, we have Briefing Books from 2014-2000. The Archive page is setup to allow users to download past Briefing Book content in bulk by agenda item vs by individual file.

What do I do if I can’t find a document anymore?

If you cannot find a document on our website, you can fill out our document request form (below) and we will be happy to either show you where its located, or email it to you.

Will you be adding more documents to the site?

Yes! We will be uploading new content as soon as we go live, but we will also continue to populate some back content as well. We will also be utilizing feedback from the document request form to prioritize which documents to post in the near future.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Fill out our Document Request Form.

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