Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation (SAFE) Documents: Review of 1984 Ocean Salmon Fisheries

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  • Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction
  • Chapter I: Summary of 1984 Ocean Salmon Management
  • Chapter II: Assessment of Chinook Management
  • Chapter III: Assessment of Coho Management
  • Chapter IV: Socio-Economic Assessment of the 1984 Ocean Salmon Fisheries
  • Chapter V: Assessment of Abundance Estimates and Procedures
  • Chapter VI: Management Problems and Concerns
  • Appendix A: Historical Record of Ocean Salmon Fishery Effort and Landings
  • Appendix B: Historical Record of Escapements to Inland Fisheries and Spawning Areas
  • Appendix C: Historical Record of Ocean Salmon Fishery Regulations and a Chronology of 1984 Management Events
  • Appendix D: Historical Economic Data
  • Appendix E: Inseason Assessment of 1984 OPI Coho Stock Status
  • Appendix F: California Department of Fish and Game Proposed Inseason Coho Management Model