Adopted/Approved Amendments: Salmon Amendment 16

Amendment 16: Stock Classification, Status Determination Criteria, Annual Catch Limits and Accountability Measures, and De Minimis Fishing Provisions

December 2011

Amendment 16 to the Salmon FMP provides a framework for specifying biological and management reference points and accountability measures that will meet the requirements of the revised MSA and NS1Gs to account for uncertainty in the fishery management process, reduce the probability of overfishing, and include clear and objective status determination criteria (SDC), while integrating with existing management processes and capabilities to the degree possible.

  • Download Amendment 16 (Classifying Stocks, Revising Status Determination Criteria, Establishing Annual Catch Limits and Accountability Measures, and De minimis Fishing Provisions) Published December 2011
  • Download the Appendices to Amendment 16 (Appendices A through I) Published December 2011