Adopted/Approved Amendments: Salmon Amendment 14

Published May 2000

Incorporating the Regulatory Impact Review/Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis and Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Introduction, Executive Summary

1 Purpose and Need for Action

2 Plan Amendment Issues, Options, and Impacts

3 Other Applicable Law

4 Affected Environment

5 Environmental Impacts

6 Literature Cited

7 Document Preparation

8 Consultation and Coordination

9 Response to Comments

Amendment 14, Appendix A: Identification and Description of Essential Fish Habitat, Adverse Impacts, and Recommended Conservation Measures for Salmon

Chapter 1 Identification of Essential Fish Habitat for the Pacific Salmon Fishery

Chapter 2 Essential Fish Habitat Descriptions

Chapter 3 Description of Adverse Effects on Pacific Salmon Essential Fish Habitat and Actions to Encourage the Conservation and Enhancement of Essential Fish Habitat

Chapter 4 Additional Information and Research Needs

Chapter 5 Literature Cited

Amendment 14, Appendix B: Description of the Ocean Salmon Fishery and its Social and Economic Characteristics

Introduction and Chapters

Economic Tables