Salmon Document Library: Historical Data of Ocean Salmon Fisheries “Blue Book”

These files represent detailed historical data used to generate the appendices of the Council’s annual salmon SAFE document (Review of [Year] Ocean Salmon Fisheries). These files are available for those that want additional detail for earlier years, or need access to data which can be manipulated or incorporated into other programs/documents.

Data for most tables dates back to at least 1976, but as time allows, earlier data will be verified and added to the tables. As with the Review document, data from recent years are generally preliminary, and are updated annually. In addition, some issues with area of landing vs. area of catch are still being resolved by the Salmon Technical Team, (as can be seen in some of the comments and footnotes). Therefore, some of the landings and effort data may be updated at some point.

There are instructions in the first worksheet or page of each file that explain the layout and some conventions. The worksheet numbers in the files correspond to the table numbers for Appendices A, B, and D.

For further information, please contact Ms. Robin Ehlke, by calling (503) 820-2410 or toll free 1-866-806-7204, ext. 410. If you need assistance Downloading the Files, please contact Sandra at 503-820-2419.