Salmon management documents

A group of large pinkish salmon congregate over a rocky river bottom
Chinook salmon spawning. Photo: Randy Bjorklund/

Review of ocean salmon fisheries

The Salmon Technical Team (STT) prepares annual posteason reviews of ocean salmon fisheries off the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and California to assess Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) salmon fishery management and stock status. This annual document is referred to as ”The Salmon Review” or SAFE document. The salmon review includes information on regulations, catch and effort estimates, spawning escapement, and economics.

Preseason reports

The Salmon Technical Team (STT) prepares these reports prior to the beginning of the ocean salmon season to guide the Council’s selection of annual fishery management measures. The reports provide estimates of stock abundance and analyze the impacts of the Council’s proposed and adopted management recommendations.

Access salmon SAFE and management documents

YearDocument type
2021Preseason Report III
2021Preseason Report II
2021Preseason Report I
2021Review 2020
2020Preseason Report III
2020Preseason Report II
2020Preseason Report I
2020Review 2019
2019Review 2018
2019Preseason Report I
2019Preseason Report II
2019Preseason Report III
2018Review 2017
2018Preseason Report I
2018Preseason Report II
2018Preseason Report III
2017Review 2016
2017Preseason Report I
2017Preseason Report II
2017Preseason Report III
2016Review 2015
2016Preseason Report I
2016Preseason Report II
2016Preseason Report III
2015Review 2014
2015Preseason Report I
2015Preseason Report II
2015Preseason Report III
2014Review 2013
2014Preseason Report I
2014Preseason Report II
2014Preseason Report III
2013Review 2012
2013Preseason Report I
2013Preseason Report II
2013Preseason Report III
2012Review 2011
2012Preseason Report I
2012Preseason Report II
2012Preseason Report III
2011Review 2010
2011Preseason Report I
2011Preseason Report II
2011Preseason Report III

Historical data (“blue book”)

These files represent detailed historical data used to generate the appendices of the Council’s annual Review of Ocean Salmon Fisheries (SAFE document). These files are available for those that want additional detail for earlier years, or need access to data which can be manipulated or incorporated into other programs/documents.

There are instructions in the first worksheet or page of each file that explain the layout and some conventions. The worksheet numbers in the files correspond to the table numbers for Appendices A, B, and D.

Ocean Salmon Fishery Effort and Landings (Salmon Review Appendix A) (Excel file format)

Escapements to Inland Fisheries and Spawning Areas (Salmon Review Appendix B) (Excel file format)

Ocean Salmon Fishery Regulations and Chronology of Events (Salmon Review Appendix C) (PDF file format)

Economic Data (Salmon Review Appendix D) (Excel file format)

ALTERNATE download site for the above Historical Excel and PDF Files (FTP site)