Resources: Following Council Agenda Items with Twitter

How to get Twitter updates on your phone during Council meetings

  1. Be aware of your current text messaging plan. Your phone company’s text messaging charges apply to Twitter updates.
  2. Go to the signup page on Twitter and sign up for an account. Your username will be the public name that people may use to follow your Twitter posts (unless you designate your account as private).
  3. Send a text to 40404 with the word “start.”  (You can do this even if you don’t already have a Twitter account, and Twitter will talk you through getting an account).
  4. Reply to Twitter with your username. From then on, you can send “Tweets” by texting to 40404, and they will automatically appear in your feed.
  5. Go to the Pacific Fishery Management Council agenda feed page (@PFMCagenda) on Twitter. Click “follow.” You can also follow the regular Council Twitter feed, which includes fisheries news and meeting notifications.
  6. To get Tweets from the Council, look for the mobile icon (a phone inside a circle) on the Council’s Twitter page. Click the icon to turn tweets from the Council on. To stop tweets, just click the icon again.

That’s all there is to it. For more information on how to get started with Twitter, see Twitter’s Getting Started page.