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  • CalFish A multi-agency cooperative program that provides direct access to many different types of data relating to fish and aquatic habitat data (for California).
  • NOAA Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning A website to provide users with coastal and marine spatial planning information related to national level policies, NOAA’s role, and to help managers, policy makers, and all those who use and appreciate the ocean, to understand the concept of coastal and marine spatial planning and advance its implementation in real-world settings.
  • NOAA Essential Fish Habitat Mapper This mapper gives users newly available data on EFH areas protected from fishing.
  • NOAA’s State of the Coasts A website that offers facts and more detailed statistics through interactive indicator visualizations that provide highlights about coastal communities, coastal ecosystems, the coastal economy, and how climate change might impact the coast.
  • Pacific Coast Ocean Observing System (PacOOS). Releases a quarterly update of climate and ecological conditions off the West Coast.
  • West Coast Habitat Server. An interactive web mapping application for the display and investigation of marine geological, oceanographic, and fisheries data within the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem.


  • Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission
  • Oregon Trawl Commission
  • Oregon Salmon Commission
  • Pacific Fish Trax. Website developed by the Seafood Consumer Center, allows consumers to trace the path of their fish from harvester to grocery store and to learn about the fishermen who catch their fish.

Ocean Energy

Nongovernmental Organizations

Specific Fisheries


  • American Albacore Fishing Association a non-profit organization dedicated to the traditional U.S. “pole & troll” fishery for albacore tuna — the only tuna fishery certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.
  • American Fishermen’s Research Foundation A non-profit organization funded by U.S., Canadian, and New Zealand albacore fishermen and processors to aid, encourage, promote and support science and education relating to Pacific albacore
  • Western Fishboat Owners Association An albacore tuna trade organization. Focuses on hook and line albacore.
  • Wild Pacific Albacore Website featuring news, recipes, and nutrition information about U.S. caught albacore.

Pacific Halibut



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