UPDATE 4/5/20: The April 4-10 Council and Advisory Body meetings are now streaming live due to COVID-19 concerns.

Please see our April Council Meeting page for details on how to join, as well as other FAQ’s

News and events

Screenshot of News & Updates section off homepage

The News & Updates section on our homepage displays the top 12 announcements for easy access. However, as more things are posted, items eventually drop off the home page and can be found under the News & Updates page, where you can scroll through all news & updates from newest to oldest.

Screenshot of PFMC Calendar page

Looking for events we have coming up? Visit the Calendar page, and you’ll be able to see all posted events, and by clicking on one it will take you to the details of that event.

Screenshot of Correspondence page

Our Correspondence page houses the latest correspondence the Council has been working on.

Screenshot of newsletters and press releases page

Newsletters and press releases are listed on that page for reference.