Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation (SAFE) Documents: Current HMS SAFE Report

Online SAFE Report

The HMS SAFE is available online and periodically updated.  The date when it last modified is shown at the bottom of each page. A printable copy in “PDF” format will be produced annually. Past printable SAFE documents (in pdf format) are available on the Past SAFE Documents page.


  1. Introduction
  2. Council HMS Activities in 2018
  3. Fishery Management Regulations
    1. Changes to HMS FMP Regulations
    2. Monitoring and Enforcement
    3. Protected Resources Regulations
    4. International Management
    5. Regulations for International HMS Fisheries and Related Activities in the Pacific
  4. Description of Fisheries and Statistical Summaries of Catch, Revenue and Effort
    1. Commercial Fisheries Descriptions
    2. Commercial Fisheries Performance
    3. Recreational Fisheries Descriptions
    4. Summaries of Commercial Fishery Catch, Revenue, and Effort
    5. Summaries of Recreational Fishery Catch and Effort
    6. U.S.-Canada Albacore Treaty Data Exchange Tables
    7. Pacific-Wide HMS Catch
  5. Status of HMS Stocks
  6. Research and Data Needs (Link to Council Research and Data Needs webpage. See section 7.0 in the 2018 edition)
  7. Research Updates (Link to the NMFS SWFSC Director’s Report on Research Regarding Highly Migratory Species and their Fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean)
  8. Useful Links to HMS Management and Research

For further information regarding the HMS SAFE Report, please contact Dr. Kit Dahl at 503-820-2422; toll free 1-866-806-7204 ext. 422.