Fishery Management Plan and Amendments: HMS FMP Amendment 4

In March 2017, the Council was presented with proposed changes to the HMS FMP as Amendment 4.  These proposed changes originated from a 2016 recommendation from the HMS Management Team (HMSMT) for housekeeping changes that would revise dated and inaccurate text.  At its June 2017 meeting the Council adopted for public review proposed these changes to the HMS FMP with additional changes recommended by the Highly Migratory Species Management Team (HMSMT) and a modified version of the changes proposed by the Highly Migratory Species Advisory Subpanel (HMSAS).

A revised version of the proposed amendment language incorporating the additional changes proposed in the advisory body reports has been circulated as part of the advanced briefing book for the Council’s September 2017 meeting, Agenda Item J.4.