Electronic Monitoring in the Trawl Catch Share Program: Electronic Monitoring Exempted Fishing Permits

Final Electronic Monitoring Exempted Fishing Permits Issued By NMFS through 2015 (Renewable for 2016):

Recommended Electronic Monitoring Exempted Fishing Permits for 2015-2016:

Terms and Conditions:

The Council recommends the EM EFPs be issued, as applied for and with the following additional conditions:

  1. Include the recommendations specified in the Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) and Groundfish Management Team (GMT) reports;
  2. Require the vessel to complete a logbook that includes all estimates of discards (including net bleeds, deck washes, drop offs, etc., including those that do not come aboard the vessel);
  3. Require 100 percent video review of all EFP trips conducted by NMFS or Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission staff;
  4. Require a minimum level of observer coverage to meet scientific data collection/biological sampling needs, as determined by the Northwest Fisheries Science Center;
  5. Require increased Vessel Monitoring System ping rate of four times per hour for all EFP trips or a sufficient data logging tool to accurately record location;
  6. Provide an Individual Vessel Monitoring Plan that includes adequate amounts and placement of video cameras and lighting to ensure any potential discard events are monitored;
  7. Prepare a final report with a comparison summary of the logbook and video data that includes a description of discrepancies in discards between the two.  These differences would include the species, if possible, and fish category (i.e., rockfish, flatfish) if not, the amounts, and geographic location of where the vessel was fishing when the difference occurred;
  8. NMFS is to provide a report to the Council that compares fishing locations and catch composition of EFP trips to the West Coast Groundfish Observer Program’s observer catch composition and bycatch rates of other (or the same) vessel fishing in a similar time and location.

For all EM EFPs, except the Mann/Paine midwater whiting EFP:

  1. Include a minimum duration of two years (Note: This duration may be increased if an adequate sample size is not achieved that provides sufficient information on the feasibility of using EM for a particular sector.)