By Year: 2013

The Stock Assessment Review (STAR) process involves a formal, peer review of the assessment by a STAR panel comprised of stock assessment experts (note: all STAR reports are posted on the Council web site).  All groundfish STAR panels have at least one knowledgeable and independent member from the Center of Independent Experts (CIE).  CIE reviewers contribute to STAR panel recommendations captured in STAR reports and provide their own independent reports on stock assessment reviews available at

Once a STAR panel recommends an assessment, the assessment goes through a final review with the SSC.  The SSC reports and recommendations relevant to 2013 stock assessments are available in the June 2013 briefing book, September 2013 briefing book, and the November 2013 briefing book.  Those stock assessments recommended by the SSC are adopted by the Council for management decision-making.

Aurora Rockfish

Big Skate

  • Big Skate Stock Assessment: Deriving estimates of OFL for species inthe “Other Fish” complexor potential alternative complexes (November 2013)

Blackspotted and Rougheye Rockfish

Bocaccio Rockfish

  • Status of Bocaccio, Sebastes paucispinis, in the Conception, Monterey and Eureka INPFC areas as evaluated for 2013 (Submitted January 17, 2014)

Cowcod Rockfish

Darkblotched Rockfish

Data-Moderate Species

Longspine Thornyhead

Pacific Hake (Whiting)

Pacific Sanddab

Petrale Sole

Shortspine Thornyhead